The People Who Made Blogging Worth It

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Virginia's Garden Lipa City Resort Signages 2014

Fidaddle-ing Fidaddle-dee-doo

I lost my domain name for a while
but here I am again with a smile

Hey is it really that important
I'm annoyed with it don't be a savant

Yet, I'm stuck with it
Limbo, cringing, I'd like to flick it

Should've stucked with @gmail
I could have also gone with snail mail 

Lost my mind and everything bigger problems
Confound it I've found the golems!

Is it even worth it, writing, blogging, ing ing
It's my portfolio, nobody reads it I'm thinking 

But in the off chance you've found yourself here
I hope that I didn't bring a tear

This silly thing doesn't even rhyme
I've lost my touch go suck on a lime

The sky is falling nay the ground is
Punched a man two weeks ago then he flees!

People now look at me weird 
Don't know whether I am to be feared - or jeered

He stole papayas what can I say? 
My patience has run out go nibble on some hay

Couldn't write for real, enemies are reading
Can't you feel it, I have real life enemies isn't that endearing?

The truth shall be silent from here on 
Veritas Lux Mea no more - go run in a marathon

Justice elusive, words pensive, 
blogging restricted lest the masses become restive!

They who can't handle the truth, 
Vomit it on everybody's boot!

Now, what should I do with dear dear dannybuntu?
He belongs to the grave, yet I couldn't care to...

Where we found freedom
We also lost it to a new serfdom