Falling in love with Elementary OS

Sleek and light as a feather, this Ubuntu derivative may be 'The One'

Wood Furniture Garage Sale

We are holding a wooden furniture garage sale. All stocks must go.

Woodcraft Antique Sale - The Secret

As I took a picture of its best parts, I began to ask "Who was she?". What gave the sculptor the inspiration to make her

Book Recommendation: The Unbeliever

Because even atheists have to believe in something...

The Writer and the Raven

The writer looks up from his desk and ponders. The bird seems to eye him carefully as if it wanted to say something.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Book Review: The Unbeliever E.L. Baylis

This is my first ever book review of the first book I ever bought on Amazon.com.

Masterfully written with a keen insight for knowing the perspectives of different people, The Unbeliever is a masterpiece that should be read by believers and non-believers alike. Whether you are seeking to understand or have your feet of faith firmly planted on the ground, this one strikes deep into many questions long held by many.I've long wanted to say that I bought a book on Amazon.com but have held back for 'The One'. This is it.
I'm glad that this has been my first ever purchase. It has rekindled not just my appetite for reading (though I was reading it mostly on the Kindle App on my small LG phone) but also gave me some much needed spiritual food.Whether you are an atheist or a Christian, this is a riveting revelation that is very entertaining and illuminating to say the least.

Exorcising our inner demons always comes at a cost. For Art Wellington, the price he almost paid was just too high. With a plot twist that will sprain more than just your ankle, this book surprises delightfully.

Baylis ensured that the tale he has woven will strike deep into our innermost being as we see a little Art in our own lives. You can almost feel the painfully excruciating travails that Art has been subjected to and the subsequent revelation that ultimately opened his eyes.

The ending of the book leaves you wanting for more.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Zeus in Wooden Carving

Today started slowly. Saw dust flew and drifted with the idle winds of the weekend.

As it rained last night lightning struck continuously. It felt as if somebody was playing with the fluorescent lamps. One, two, three flashes then a long one. Three seconds of pitch black silence pervades and then, boom!

The roof would rumble like Zeus himself was bowling high above the heavens.

I don't know anything about wood carving but I asked my mother-in-law if she could buy a "Katam" or a wood planer when she went to the market. It's a pretty old fashioned tool for wood carvers that you could get in 'the saw sharpening' place. It's right in front of the Little Shop by the Corner in Recto, Lipa City.

mahogany wood tree trunk table project philippines

mahogany wood tree trunk table project philippines

mahogany wood tree trunk table project philippines

mahogany wood tree trunk table project philippines

The varnish was mahogany red. The trunk is mahogany wood and the surface is acacia. It needs a little bit more work as the color didn't turn out how I imagined it to be. It's definitely a work in progress, one that was spurned by necessity and perhaps a dosage of naivete on my part.

Lesson learned in wood varnishing: It's not just about putting varnish on.

I imagine that it still needs some sanding, "masilya" or even wood stain.

It's fun learning this and it feels like playing a game.

Like certain things in life itself, we learn things as we go along.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Falling in Love with Elementary OS

Elementary OS, so far has not disappointed. Sleek, elegant and fast, this OS feels as light as a feather without sacrificing form and functionality.

It almost feels like a new install of Windows XP on a Dual Core PC with 2 GB of RAM.

The user interface uniquely blends everything like they're naturally a part of the operating system.

The first thing I installed was Google Chrome. Within a few minutes after installing the deb file, I was up and running and was able to write four blog posts for somebody.

This is totally relevant to the post 'yo'

Did you know? Elementary OS' third stable version, Isis was changed to Freya to avoid association with the Middle East militant group. (Source)

All of the drivers, save for the Nvidia proprietary graphics drivers worked out of the box. For a distribution based on Ubuntu, the user interface is more responsive. I don't know if this has to do with Ubuntu Unity or whether Pantheon (EOS' DE) is just better.

"Five Myths About Elementary OS" explains it better .

Linux daniel 3.2.0-51-generic-pae #77-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 24 20:40:32 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

This is day one, with me using elementary OS and I am loving it.

Monday, August 11, 2014

[SOLD] Wood Bear Bench Garage Sale!

Once upon a time two wooden brother bears went on an adventure. They traveled far and wide to search for the mysterious thing. They searched high and low, to the East and to the West and found, nothing. 

They were about to give up when lo and behold, out popped two people. A father and his son. 

Afraid that the two wooden bears would be discovered (for wooden bears aren't supposed to move in this realm) they stood frozen. 

But the father saw them still. He was out hunting with his son. And said, 

"These wooden bears would look nice as a bench." 

*Big discounts offered for bulk buyers! 
*Lots of other wooden items
*Many antiques
*As is

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Woodcraft Antique Sale: The Secret of the Woman

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture front"
Due to typhoon Glenda and the destruction of our verandah, we are selling wood sculptures and other woodcraft at a discount. Contact us for pricing and pickup.

This piece, "The Female Virgin Sculpture" has been with the family ever since our father bought it. I don't have any recollection of exactly where our father purchased it, but he once went on a shopping spree in Paete, Laguna where he bought a lot of arts and crafts.

The Wooden Female Virgin Sculpture

He was very fond of wood work and had most of the house built around that theme. The female virgin sculpture has weathered with time yet still retains that remarkable dosage of quaintness and mystery.

As I took a picture of its best parts, I began to ask "Who was she?". What gave the sculptor the inspiration to make her as such. With her wooden hand holding her long hair between her chest, she strikes an unassuming pose that could mean a lot of things.

Her left leg lazily bent with her left hand touching it seduces the mind to imagine at what stage of inspiration was the wood work patterned after.

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture right side"
There is an air of dignity in her that could only be found in the Filipina spirit. This is no Madonna, to be precise, but it projects a lot of that sensuality beneath the "Maria Clara" template that some has stereotyped the complex modern woman.

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture back side"
With hips that don't lie (hehe), there is an atmosphere of unkempt desire in the manner of the posture. For sure, the posterior side of the woman sculpture received a lot of attention during its inception.

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture left side"
In typical conservative Filipino culture, one is provoked at how "proper" intimate acts are initiated. True, we see bold, banal and over-sensationalized news accounts of public displays of affection in markedly improper venues these days. But in an institution such as marriage, intimacy has to begin somewhere.

It might seem funny or even taboo these days, (depends on you I guess), but sometimes you ask yourself "What is the proper way for married couples to have sex these days?"

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture front"
I think the sculpture captures that very fact. How do you reconcile these conservative values with an act that has been repressed vigorously for centuries?

Intimacy is an art. Yet for so long and with really bad literature and not to mention movies coupled with extreme subjugation by religious norms, the essence of the art is lost. These days, it seems that western scenes of nakedness are automatically classified as pornography. Rightly so. The unfortunate simplicity in mind and in interpretation of some has rendered this piece to be only as such "The sculpture of a naked woman".

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture bust view"
But I beg to differ, through this sculpture, we are brought back to the days when definitions and customs were different. For sure, the prevailing norms of the time when this sculpture was made were different.

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture face view"
Knowing what is to come, she smiles and yet she struggles. Her love of her life awaits her and she basks in his desire as she struggles to contain hers. Shyly and never wanting to portray that she is "easy", her posture proclaims a message of simplicity and modesty. Achieving this balance prior to the intimacy is in itself an art form that every woman probably thinks about.

How do you become attractive without being too easy?

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture over the left shoulder view"

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture over view"

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture bust view"

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture lower anterior view"

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture lower front view"

Female woodcraft sculpture Philippines
"Female woodcraft sculpture lower left side view"
Do contact us for the price. We have many, many other items that are heavily discounted. We will post them as soon as possible. Items are available for pickup only here in Lipa City Batangas, Philippines as we do not have the means to transport them yet.

We would be using the funds to repair the damage caused by typhoon Glenda.