Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Busy sa Pagpapayaman"

Ako'y busy sa pagpapayaman,
Kaya't kayo'y wag mag-alinlangan

Pag-uwi ko sa inang bayan,
Tiyak na lahat ay magsisigalakan!

Galing ako diyan, galing ako dito,
Tignan aking Instagram, may bagong selfie ako!

Sa bayan ng banyaga, ang accent kahanga-hanga
I got da twang "can you even understand slang?"

Po, po, po, po, opo?
Ho, ho, ho, ho, oho?

Sorry it got all lost in translation...

Your intellectual capacity,
got nothing on my perspicacity

May bling ako sa leeg, may gadgets at iba pa
Everything I wear is from Italy and Prada

Dollar, Euro, Great British Pounds ang uwi ko
Kaya everything I say manahimik kung gusto niyo...

I give to charity and such, and visit my peeps and my homies
I condescend and ascend because I work hard for my monies...

I'm a self-made man in this capitalistic world
If you don't believe me, can't you even hear my word?

Hey all! I'm big money,
dripping with booze and honey...

Pag-uwi ko ng Pinas, I see everything's the same
But everything has changed and my peeps have gotten strange

But my credit's legit?
I put it all to the limit,

But once the money's gone,
My friends tell me it's all done

Bayan kong Pilipinas, ganun pa rin ang kalakaran
kaawa-awang kamag-anak, ayan kasi hindi nag-aral

Ayan kasi, ganito ang ginawa
Ayan kasi, hindi masipag gumawa

Ayan kasi, hindi umakyat ng eroplano
Ayan kasi, naiwan sa bayan niyo

Ayan kasi, hindi kayo nag sakripisyo
Ayan kasi, hindi kayo nagpayaman..

If you're progressive like in the States
I'm pretty sure you'll be just like me.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Ang "Pakikisama" sa Korapsyon at Kultura

Para sa maraming Pilipino, ang kaugalian ng "pakikisama" ay nag-uugat sa magandang relasyon sa pakikipag-ugnayan at pakikipagkaibigan. Ngunit, BABALA! Mag-ingat sa mga patibong...

Nais kong tahakin ang isyu na ito, sapagkat sa aking palagay - mula sa maliliit na mga pangyayari o paktor nagmumula ang mga malalaki nating problema sa bayan. Isa ang pakikisama sa mga paktor na ito.

Ano nga ba ang pakikisama?
Ito ay pagbabahagi ng iyong oras, panahon, paniniwala (at kung minsan - pera) para sa pakikipagkapwa sa iyong mga kapitbahay o kahit sa mga taong hindi kilala. Kung minsan, ang pakikisama ay naaangkop pati na rin sa mga kaibigan ng kaibigan o kamag-anak ng kamag-anak na hindi taga dun sa lugar na iyon. Mabuti sana kung hanggang doon na lang ang depinisyon ng "pakikisama" ngunit hindi natin maikakaila na karaniwang may alak sa mga pagtitipong ito.

Ito'y isang komplikadong konsepto, na sa aking palagay ay mas maraming naidudulot na masama kaysa mabuti.

Naniniwala rin ako na ito'y nagdudulot sa pagkawala o pagsasawalang bahala ng prinsipyo ng tao - maging ang pananalig nito sa batas at sa Diyos.

Dito ngayon pumapasok ang pagtanggap sa "status quo", kompromiso o ang pagtanggap ng kasalukuyang kalakaran sa isang lugar. Wala sanang problema, kung ang mga pakikisamahan mo ay mga taong matuwid ang hangarin at paniniwala.

Paano, kapag sila'y mga baluktot?

Karaniwang nagsisimula ang pakikisama sa pagtawag sa iyo ng mga manginginom ng isang barangay o lugar. Marahil, ito ay isang hindi eksaktong deskripsyon, ngunit sa kanayunan ng ibang mga lugar, eto ang karaniwang pangyayari. Sa buhay sa Pilipinas, sa madaling salita ay may dalawang uri ng mga tao - ang mga nananahimik - at ang mga manginginom.

  1. Ang mga nananahimik ay yung mga taong may hanapbuhay, trabaho at karamptang gawain sa kanilang buhay. Tahimik sila pagkat sila ay busy sa pag-angat ng kanilang kabuhayan.
  2. Ang mga chronic na manginginom ay yung mga taong hindi mapakali sa kalsada at parating naghahanap ng pagkakaabalahan, pagkakakitaan o ng taong makakapitan at mahuhuthutan...

Maaaring maging maganda ang kalalabasan ng samahang ito, maaaring hindi. Kapag ikaw ay hindi sanay sa kaugalian ng mga manginginom, marahil ay ikaw pa ang mapahamak. Kung hindi naman,
ikaw ay lalasingin upang:

  1. Maihayag mo ang iyong mga personal na problema, at matukoy nila ang iyong mga kahinaan.
  2. Maakit ng isang babaeng sa kanila manggagaling, at ikaw ay makompromiso.
  3. Matukoy nila kung ano ang iyong layunin at kakayahan sa buhay - upang sila ay makahingi o makadispensa ng tulong. 


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Manila City of Old

City of decay once famed and loved 
Now I see you rotten and mobbed 

Declared an open city 
Tendrils of war devastated freely 

Rebuilt, refurbished, but glory's lost 
Your corrupted sins will be paid at the highest cost 

New ones replaced the old 
Still, it's beauty faded and it's soul was sold 

No makeup can restore you 
Slowly, the rot has devoured you 

Manila, the seat of power 
You have gone sour 

Manila, your dire kings have been corrupted 
Slowly, your spirit's wasted 

The rats fester and scatter 
While dogs in the street pick up the bones 

When judgment comes nigh, 
I won't even let out a sigh 

But with skeletal hands you cling on up high 
There would be no restoration, history is tired of your lie 

Manila, City of Old 
No wonder your spirit has gone cold...

Saturday, March 07, 2015

That Magical Experience Called - Fusing Agritourism and Backpacking

Picture of Virginia's Garden by Stacey

It's been a year since we've joined We were among the first four hosts here in the Philippines - and I would think, the first All-Filipino hosts to take on this amazing phenomenon. To date, there are now 10 Philippine HelpX hosts hosting people from around the world. There are now hundreds in other countries such as New Zealand, Australia, France, the US, Thailand - everywhere!

What is

HelpX is more than just a website, it's a revolutionary fusion of travel, backpacking, volunteering, culture, agriculture and friendship. In exchange for food and accommodation, travelers get to help around the garden, farm, house, ship or actually practically any place. Travelers get to save on accommodation and food expenses by helping hosts with whatever needs doing in the venue.

Usually, work is done 2 to 4 hours each day - although there's no strict rule here as long as you're having fun!

Beyond Philippine Agritourism
At this juncture and with more HelpX hosts in the Philippines, I think it's high time to write about the many, many profound experiences both hosts and helpers have experienced thus far. Fortunately, we are extremely lucky to have hosted amazing HelpXers.

One general thing about us Filipinos is that we seem to have developed a bias and a certain pre-disposition against manual labor, particularly those related to agriculture. After all, it's always nice to stay in air-conditioned offices, with fancy executive titles, important sounding terms and not to mention high-paying salaries.

Those are all nice of course (I could really use some of that last part!), but if we think about it really hard - it makes one stop for a moment and try to foresee the future.

Zeee Future is Here:

We would all be connected to a centralized information system (something  .net) and would live and breathe to cater to that system. It's nice, convenient and all but I foresee people who pay more attention to their phone/computer screens updating facebook or twitter rather than what's around them. And that may be for good reason. With an exploding world population - I see a future of concrete and electronics! How would you pay more attention to your surroundings if you are surrounded by concrete with a sea of people in your midst!

Traveling would be about working like a donkey and saving enough money so you can spend it in 3 days in an overcrowded hotel, so you could swim in a crowded beach with people who are always selling you overpriced stuff and served with overcharged services! 

That's why to me, HelpX is also an interesting ongoing experiment. The question has always been, will this be self sustaining enough that we can continue to live beyond the ambit of 'modern civilization' and its trappings?

Now agriculture in the Philippines is an extremely hard field to work on. It's hard on your body, it's even harder for your pocket! Moreover, the culture in agriculture is rife with very, very difficult erm, "peculiarities" that not everyone is suited for it. Most of the time, it's a job that nobody really wants to take on.

HelpX can change that because of its impetus.

When our farm volunteers help in the garden, it's about the experience of something removed from modern life. Sure we have wifi and a hot tub , but that's the bonus part. Our HelpXers have helped us with things very few people have. From planting 500 pineapples, vegetables, weeding the greenhouse, resurrecting the pool, fixing our electricals, walking the dog, watching over the children and my favorite part - cooking exciting meals!

The great part about all the hard work? My wife gets to practice her culinary skills with an International audience! But that's not all - we also get to learn from our guests - dishes that we've never experienced or tried before.

Max (France)

Seb and Lucie (France and Czech Republic)

Maria and Rodrigo (Chile)

Byron and Stacey (UK)

Manon (France)

*Curiously, I don't remember the names of the dishes but rather the people who made them!
"Mom, we have a French chef in our house!"

When I go to Manila and meet new people (kapwa Pinoys), most of the time, I get to hear about their new cars, houses, doctorates and gadgets.

I still don't have a car and my phone is not to be proud of. But man, when we had a French chef as a guest in our house - that was certainly unique!

It truly is an amazing experience such that some of our neighbors would always cast suspicious and raised eyes and ask,

"Anong ginagawa niyan dito?" (What are they doing here?)

To which I would give them the truth they can't believe.

"They're helping me with our farm for free!" 

To which I'd be greeted by raised eyebrows, or at worst - more intriguing and privacy bashing questions.

But that's for another blog post. For now, as I publish this post close to midnight, I will await our next HelpX volunteers and look forward to another amazing experience!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Isang Tulang Personal at Hindi Mala Propesyonal

Sa kaguluhan ng daigdig,
dahas madalas ang nananaig
Kung sinong malakas,
ay syang nangangalandakang wagas

Ngunit sa batas nasilayan
higit pa sa gintong alahas
Alin ang susundin ay syang bunga ng

Mayroong tatlo sa aking kamalayan
Batas ng tao
Batas ng kalikasan, at higit sa lahat
Batas ng Diyos

Dito pinakamababa ang batas ng tao
Naaamyendahan, naiikot ikutan madalas napapabayaan.

Batas ng kalikasa'y unti unti nating natutuklasan
Pwedeng baguhin kapag sapat ang kaalaman

Batas ng Diyos ay mahirap unawain
pagka't sino nga ba ang tamang sasambahin?

Ngunit sa proseso ng tao marahil mas madaling makita
Kung alin ang mali, at alin ang tama.

Pinitik ang iyong ilong, ikaw ba'y maghihiganti?
Siniko mo ang panga, siya nama'y nanadyak ng mariin
Mata sa mata, ngipin sa ngipin ano ang bunga ng paghihiganting
kay dilim?

Mahirap maging tunay na Kristiyano, mas madali pa ang maging
banal na aso...
Kung sarili'y sisiyasatin, ay lintik kay dami nating SIN!

Sa aking pagsilip nasilip ang munting katotohanan.
Na hindi paghihiganti ng dugong kumukulo ang sagot sa mga

Mahirap gawin, ngunit yan ang katotohanan.
Lalo na sa panahong ngayon na pera sa bulsa marami ang pinagkakaabalahan

Iba na ang mundo ngunit ang batas ng kaitas taasan ay nariyan pa rin
Sino nga ba sa kanila ang dapat sundin?

Yung mga kumakatay ng tao o yung syang namatay para sa iyong kasalanan?

Kaibigan, kapatid iyan ang dapat mong tignan...