Saturday, September 02, 2006

FOSS Tip I - Viewing Google Calendar Offline Using Mozilla Firefox

We have all seen Google Calendar's features: shared calendars, intuitive interface, accessibility and more. But one thing I've noticed is that you can't view it if you are not connected to the Internet. Furthermore, it is not possible to make changes to it if you are offline.

I may have found a solution for the first concern, which means that you may be able to view your Google Calendar using Firefox with the information that you last left in it when you were online. You can view your Google Calendar Offline by doing the following:

Note: I am not in anyway responsible directly or indirectly for any loss or damage that may occur in whatever aspect that is pertinent to the steps you will perform. You are doing this tutorial for experimental purposes and would therefore not hold me, the writer, liable for any such described loss. Doing the procedure below, is an explicit agreement to the terms above.

  1. Make sure you have a Google account.

  2. Log on to Google Calendar.

  3. Download Firefox or Firefox Portable (Recommended).

  4. Install whichever version of Firefox that you prefer.

  5. Download Calendar.xpi which is the extension for Firefox, or Portable Firefox Calendar.xpi which is the same extension but specially made for Firefox Portable.

  6. Install the appropriate xpi or extension for your type of browser.

  7. Restart Firefox by closing then opening it.

  8. Browse over to Google Calendar, then click on Manage Calendars.

  9. Click on your calendar like so:

  10. Click on the ICal link like so:

  11. Copy the link that appears on the bubble then paste it on Notepad:

  12. Okay, so you have that link. Do not give it to anybody unless you want other people to know where you are. Keep that link handy.

  13. Now on your Firefox Browser, click on the "Tools" Menu at the top of your screen.

  14. On the drop down menu, click on "Calendar". Another window would then appear. It's your calendar!

  15. On your Calendar window, click on the "File" menu. Then click on "Subscribe to Remote Calendar".

  16. Put a "Calendar Name" which you prefer on the empty box.

  17. Remember the link that we pasted on notepad? Copy then paste it on the Remote Server URL field.

  18. Click Ok

  19. Viola! You can now view your Google Calendar offline. Wanna test it? Well, close your programs including your calendar, then disconnect from the Internet.

  20. Open your Firefox browser while you are offline. Then click on "Tools", then click on "Calendar".

You will be able to see your Google Calendar in offline mode. It isn't a magical formula which could get your information even if you are absolutely offline. It gets the information from your last session.


danny said...

I'm so sad. Somebody made a comment on my blog - the first one actually - ever. And it just so happens that I switched to Blogger beta on the same day. So I clicked on Publish. Well, what do you know. The comment disappeared.


Rose said...

Thanks! This worked so well and was exactly what I needed...big thanks from me in the UK

danny said...

I'm glad that it worked for you. Thanks for dropping by.

Michael T. Burr said...

Dog! You rock! Thank you thank you thank you!
Google should pay you for that tip. It turned Gcal from a useless toy into a completely useful application. Although I guess as I think about it, if one knew anything about those synching formats, it should work with any calendar program that supports it. Anyway, THANKS VERY MUCH!

danny said...

Cool! Wow, now if only Google would update their software, I'd be really happy! :)