Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Applied Hacking II - Blogger: Peekaboo Hacks

From Hackosphere comes another great hack for my blog. It's called the Peekaboo Hack. Why?

Ah, because it makes my blog posts peek from the labels or archives, when you click it, it boos!

It's my first Ramani hack and I really appreciate his help and guidance. His blog got to the Blogs of Note and I'm sure that it is well deserved.

Try the peek a boo hack on my page:

1. Click on any of my labels
2. Choose a blog post
3. Click on the [+/-] sign beside the blog post title
4. Boo!

Hehe, surprise!


Charlemagne Stavanger said...

very nice :)

danny said...

Thanks! =) I was hoping to use your templates but I don't know much about CSS and I might end up losing the widgets.

Anyway, I am still waiting for Ramani's reply regarding the 3 column tweak on the green rounders template.

Thanks for dropping by!