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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday 5 o clock

I am used to both worlds. Of ogres and demons, of angels and paladins. Of the myriad of classes. And now I tire. Now that I am trying to reach something.

Everyday's a battle and life is a war. Beneath the fog of war lies the fallen. And I've seen them fall. The victors celebrate then they forget.

Yet the fallen remember, they remember the choking dusts of war.

Where do I stand? I ask. Or will I fall?

So they ask why ponder like the stargazer?
Why wonder like the fool?

The fool keeps in his dungeon what others may not.
Yet he shows to hide what he keeps.

Lest one forget that the fool pretends so that he is not beholden to the truth.

So I walk, in this unfinished path, in this battlefield stinking with the dead.
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