Friday, February 22, 2008

HowTo: Install Tremulous Backport in Linux

RAR!!! AS3!! AS3!! Take down those teslas and replace them with turrets! OMG! Noobs! Don't decon the RC. Aw, FFS. We've been deconned. GG?

It's okay for you not to understand the ramblings of a tremulous player.

Unarguably the BEST Open Source First Person Shooter with elements of RTS in the whole galaxy.

Now, enough of that and on to the beef of this post. These are the steps to INSTALLING the TREMULOUS.TJW BACKPORT in any Debian based Linux box. That means you too Ubuntu.

If you don't have it installed yet install it.

#sudo apt-get install tremulous

Now download the x86 file that would replace the executable you have


To be sure, make a backup of the old executable file.

#sudo mv /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous_old

Move the new file to the proper directory

#sudo mv tremulous.x86 /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous

Change the file to be executable.

#sudo chmod +x /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous

Now what? Close your browser. Add me as your friend.

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, and my sons will hunt here with their sons long after I am gone.


Oh btw, doing this gives you the following features to the game.

This is a backport of some important additions to ioquake3 to Tremulous 1.1.0.

A backport is required because the current Tremulous client built from SVN
is no longer compatible with the 1.1.0 data files and vms.

This is based on the Tremulous SVN version 755 with the following additions:

* cl_guid (because I'm a shameless self promoter)
* May 8, 2006 security fix for COM_StripExtension()
* WinXP SP2 NX-extension fix
* June 2, 2006 security fix
* R1CH's Alt-Tab fix (you need to set win_allowAltTab 1 for this to work)
* win32 builds add a "home path" in /Documents and Settings
* cURL support for HTTP/FTP downloads. cl_allowDownload and cl_wwwDownload
both need to be set to 1 (the server also needs to be patched and configured
for this to work).
* OpenAL sound tracking fix (bug 2893)
* added cl_guidServerUniq. When set to non-zero a different cl_guid is sent
to each server you connect to to prevent guid theft by malicious server

I strongly recommend backing up your existing binaries in case these
don't work out.


Anonymous said...

thx, wondering how to get rid of the "trem out of date" thing

any idea how i can switch out of trem with out quiting? cant alt tab even when operating in window mode.

would be good if i could not quit if i need to take a call.


dannybuntu said...

Yw, me too. I just quit. I never use the Alt Tab to move between Trem and the Desktop. The consolation to this is that *some* servers support the "Restore to Original State" thing that lets you log on to that server after you've left it - with your creds and weapons still intact. Aside from that I can't think of how to switch by using Alt+Tab. Wouldn't want it to work on my PC as that would be too slow. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

frikken viva

start a 2nd X server on another ternial i.e.

startx -- :1 vt8

switch to vt8

ctrl + alt + f8

you can then run trem on vt8 and switch back to boring stuff on vt7 with

ctrl + alt + f7

happy days :)

dannybuntu said...

Good one thanks :)

HoverHell said...

Thanks for info on 'backporting' of tremulous :)
But, where's the data taht _is_ compatible with svn tremulous?

HoverHell said...

er, and, also, I just press Alt+enter and console (`) and i can alt+tab out of tremulous after that. (That's true for quake3-based on linux at least, and, if my merory doesn't sux, it is true for windows versions as well :) )

dannybuntu said...

-Glad this was useful for you. I was having problems doing this myself when I was a noob and when I found out how I wrote it on this blog post so that I don't have to remember it again.
-Sorry no idea on SVN

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial!


dannybuntu said...

I am glad just to share something I know. I am no expert hehehe. Just pay it forward :)

Scumgrief said...

I play at windowed mode most of the time on most games...

Ian pether said...

sorry to sound pessamistic but i am really into learning linux and none of the walk through to install blogs posts or guides i have used work at all all i want is to play some fps or mmo games and i cant install any at all the bit about making a dir for the old tremulous file it would not allow me its starting to annoy me quite a lot and i prefer linux by a long shot because of the freedom and speed but iif i cant play any games its essentially pointless help please god someone help

dannybuntu said...


Dude I think you are better off in using Windows.

Damion said...

@ Ian
I get this. I did a clean update to Jaunty and trying to get the tjw backport to work is killing. I get errors about child processes that can't be found or, worse, that the executable can't be found (even when I am looking right at it in nautilus). Very discouraging.

dannybuntu said...


The update could have borked your Tremulous install.

Try this:

$ sudo apt-get remove tremulous
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install tremulous

Then do the steps again in the blogpost. Post the results here.

HoverHell said...

Note: I prefer to run tremulous from separate directory in my homedir (instead of installing it into the system). It's easier to update client binary*, and couple other advantages.

* For a client binary I'd currently suggest one from (if it's available) or

Damion said...

When I completely remove Trem using Synaptic (and confirm that there are no traces of it on the system) AND reinstall it AND copy the TJW client into the right spot AND give it all the correct permissions I get this:
exec: 32: /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous: not found
or this:
bash: /usr/lib/tremulous/tremulous: No such file or directory

dannybuntu said...

@Damion can you do this:

$ locate tremulous
$ find tremulous
$ whereis tremulous

Then post the results. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hi dannybuntu, do you by any chance have the backport as a file available? tjw seems to be down. Maybe you could host it? I can't seem to find it any where else.
Thanx! Xor

Danny Garcia said...

Hi Xor, nope I don't. It is? Oh my. I'm afraid I don't have any hosting. I wonder if it could be hosted on Google drive or how that would work.

HoverHell said...

Just grab the tremfusion ( )( / instead.

Danny Garcia said...

Thanks HoverHell. Haven't played tremulous in ages. This article was written in 2008. I've lost interest because of slow development and well, the dwindling community of players.