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Monday, March 24, 2008

About Me


What I don't like about profiles is that they can be misleading at times. So, I am going to be very blunt and very self deprecating about who I am.

I am not a programmer at all. The closest thing that I programmed something was to set the timer of the TV to sleep in 30 minutes.

I am like Michael Corleone, Darth Vader and Homer Simpson combined.

I am a tragedy unfolding and a hero dying in a very bad B-type movie.

I hate writing. But I do write to try to slay the beast called time. Yes, I hate writing.

I am a paradox, a wanna be geek and nerd.

I used to be the loner silent type, now I am just the Homer Simpson type.

I am technically a millionaire but very broke now that I don't even have enough money to buy 1 stick of cigarette.

I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Political Science, but only took Philosophy because at the time I was madly in love with my girlfriend who told me to do so.

I am a calculated risk taker

I am that person in between this complex triangle of Protestanism, Catholicism and Agnosticism.

I love this planet and I think it is very beautiful. But at the moment, its beauty eludes me like a forgotten dream.

I am a sucky poet. But I do like poems.

I have the ability to make people hear me but not listen to me.

I am driven by pain and anger but also of joy and love.

I believe in freedom but I also believe in authoritarianism.

I am deluded to think that I can invent things when I don't even have a technical background.

My favorite fish is that fish that goes against the current and climbs the waterfall and stuff, what is it called again?

I am 26 but I feel like I am 50.

I believe in the endeavor that is FOSS/Linux, but I am also afraid for its demise.

I don't change positions - I adjust them.

From what I see above, I feel depressed. Yet despite that I will forge on - to reach that unreachable star. Because I am willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause.

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