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Monday, November 03, 2008

What Do People Read in My Blog?

Another lazy post from yours truly. For some reason, about 50+ people read my blog every day. I am glad and thankful for that number, I know guys like Tech Source From Bohol, and PinoyTux, rake in about hordes upon hordes of open source fanatics. But I am thankful for the 50+ or so who find little tidbits of knowledge that they can find in this dumpster called my blog.

So what does a dannybuntu reader like to read? Statcounter says:

The record holder thus far is my post:

"How to Install Firefox 3 in Debian"
"I Ran Microsoft Office 2003 in Wine Too"
"Ah A Fresh Install of Ubuntu Hardy"
"How To Install Tremulous Backport"
"Version 2.1.1 of Bangu-Bang is Out"

So, why these?

1. A lot of people in Debian want to run Firefox 3 instead of the default Iceweasel
2. A lot of people want to use Microsoft Office 2003
3. I don't know why they would be interested in my experience with Hardy.
4. A lot of people want to get rid of "Tremulous is Out of Date" message when playing Tremulous.
5. A lot of people are curious about Bangu-Bang.

I am nearing the 200 post mark and I find it interesting that a lot of people actually find some things in my blog useful. Not that I am saying that I am an expert in How-Tos (Mess Up Your Computer). Some things that I find that work just makes me excited. So excited that I share them. In the hope that others find them useful too.

And I will continue in doing until I can. After all, I don't have to pay for hosting, Blogger allows me to ramble on as much as I would like to - for free, thank google for that, and good stuff in this world exists - in the form of Linux Open Source and oh, yeah, GNU loving ^_^.
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