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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Truth About Firefox

The truth is overpriced and overvalued these days. That's why when I personally have some sort of epiphany I feel a strong sense and urge of vindication. Nevertheless, the truth is sometimes revealed at the precipice. If you have seen the movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still", you would glean that precipice.

Maybe someone or something is at the precipice that would merit us being handed the truth at least about Firefox. As to what it is, we could only guess.I have long campaigned for objectivity that is much needed about our beloved open source cause. We should introspectively swat away at the demagogues and the self proclaimed prophets promising salvation in an era of despair.

Such plague is crippling the very movement that they we are all trying to advance.

It is high time for introspection as individuals and as a group. I am not perfect. We are not perfect. The GNU/Linux/Open Source/ Software Freedom movement will never reach the pinnacle of its potential if within ourselves we cannot resolve the simple raging storm of discontent. We have to cease lying to ourselves that if we cover up the truth with jargon and technical explanations we are going to lose the trust of the very people that we are trying to convince - that our system is indeed superior.

At the end of the day, the mindless and droning sheeple would remove their cloak of relative indifference and apathy to what they perceive as a benign marketing propaganda.

The universal truth about us is this: Our system is superior.

A system can evolve but it can also devolve. A system being the dynamic strata of all these belief systems, technical jargon, subsystems, pronouncements, components, and ultimately - software, is a continuing project that would do way better than it is now if we got rid of the attitude of being superior.

Contrary to normal application, the attitude of being superior will not make us superior. It would only make it seem like we are superior. And, to those who have a certain broader latitude of experience, though they may be lacking in the concrete justifications such as benchmarks and tools that would proclaim such, their opinion stands not as a mere opinion - but something far stronger, far more potent than all the benchmarks could proclaim. Their opinion about their experience is a testimony far more poisonous than any propaganda. Specially, if that testimony gets brushed aside as the rambling of an uninclined and uninformed non-technical user.

Yes Firefox is slower on Linux compared to Windows. 

I do not care about PGOs and what not. I care about the stymied and repressed sentiment that pops out every now and then that gets maligned, repressed, covered up in obscure places such as little known fora. The "You sir are a dumbass because you do not know the essense of sudo" is all but an upliftment of the justified cynicism about Software Freedom propaganda.

"Firefox is slow because you did not configure your system to the optimal configuration that it needs to be configured to."


These may all be true. You might say that Linux is Not Unix, Mac or Windows.

Then what is Linux then?
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