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Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Week Delayed Post: Posted it Anyway

April Something, 2009

I am at The Garden with a slight drizzle outside. I have no electric fan, no internet and no airconditioning. The only thing with me here is this laptop I am writing on. I went out for a smoke at 9:55 and I am greeted by the caretaker’s silly absentminded dog (he does not remember who I am even if I have been here for three days) with loud barking of the “woof woof who are you woof woof” sort.

I’ve never seen this type of pitch black darkness which seems to embrace me. I’ve gotten used to artificially induced brightness which seems to instill in me a certain type of antiseptic security.

This cold stranger stares at me as I try to stare back at it.

I cannot.

For how can I stare at nothing? It is nothing.

I flick the cigarette butt out to the cold stranger and watch as the dying embers fade away and get swallowed by the darkness.

I light another cigar and notice the tree beside me. It has dark brown spots alien to its existence. Termites. I call them the liabilities of nature. They do not serve my purpose or anybody else’s for that matter – except maybe for the termite control people.

They are the dark army of destruction. Unseen most of the time. What you could see is the destruction that they could cause. It killed the tree. I foresee that it could kill the house.

My thoughts extend to the power of nature and how miniscule I am in it. I am powerless. You are powerless. We can only evade its limitations and hack at the system it has created and evolved on its own.
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