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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 987: Updates From Ubuntu-PH Dax Solomon Umaming

Ubuntu-PH Mailing List Message:

1) Arne Goetje is more than willing to help us out with the
translations. He already pointed me to the right direction in getting
our languages into glibc and has assigned Hiligaynon, Cebuano, Bikol,
Iloko, Pangasinan, Pampanga, and Filipino languages under our Launchpad
team. We're now the administrators of the said languages on Ubuntu and
I'll be taking charge of committing them upstream - and I'll need all
the help I can get.

2) It seems that there's a few more members who are not aware that we
have an official team logo so I've created the Logo wiki[1]. Too bad
we've lost the original wiki page when mekong went down, but at least
now we can point newer members to the said wiki.

3) The Jaunty Release Party was a success, we've got links to blogs and
pictures at the ReleaseParty wiki[2] for those interested.

4) There's still no updates from Canonical on when we'll get our website
back. But we can now monitor the progress on the Ubuntu RT site[3]. The
request is ticket no. 4530[4]. You can login using ubuntu as both the
username and password.

5) I'm planning a Filipino Translate-athon. It'll be an online/irc event
where we'll get to help each other out translate packages on Launchpad.
It's a great way to boost our Karma especially for anyone who wishes to
apply for an Ubuntu membership.And we can finally see Filipino on the
next release - Karmic Koala.

6) And finally, Loell Erecre (our forum moderator) will apply for an
Ubuntu membership while I'll renew mine. Please do support us on May 12,
2009 at 6PM on #ubuntu-meeting at Any support from you
guys would be highly appreciated.
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