Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 1101.a: Dropbox and UbuntuOne

Before I tell you of another Cloud Storage Solution for Ubuntu, I promised that I'll give my feedback regarding my UbuntuOne and DropBox experiences. Here it is in a nutshell:

1. UbuntuOne does not work for me yet because it is still in beta stage. You know? There are a lot of bugs to be triaged, missing panel notifications when it is working, annoying panel notifications if it is not... I'll try again, I promise.

2. Dropbox is working A-OK. No problemo. In fact, it's what I am using right now to backup my documents. I simply copy and paste the file (or drag it) that I want to backup into the Dropbox folder and presto, it's backed up. 

Moreoever, I noticed that they have a new promo, wherein any one referral gets you an additional 250 MB of storage on your free account. This is great. 
I'm going to refer my wife, my 3 daughters, my 2 sisters, my mom, my four grandparents, you get the idea ;)
No bugs to report, no extra heave ho, file bug, locate bug, sudo sudo whatchamacallit whatchamadingle - just simple unadulterated almost mind numbing backup and file synchronization. That's how software as a service should be right? Right?
Here file this bug...