Tuesday, August 11, 2009

VIDEO HowTo: Install Chromium 3 with Flash Support on Ubuntu 9.04

Thanks to Linuxologist.com for the handy tutorial on How to Install Chromium Browser 3 with Flash Support on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty.
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Here you go:


Temujin said...

Nice video tutorial man. I did not know that Google Chrome has a Linux counterpart.

I wonder why Google does not make a Linux version of their browser.

Oh and who is that beautiful girl? Hehe do you know her?

You better introduce me man. :p

dannybuntu said...

Hey buddy, there is a linux version of their browser albeit it does not support flash as of the moment.

That girl is just a girl in youtube singing some elvis songs. Don't know her.


Sorry, I was not able to respond to your emails regularly I'm raising funds for a project - it's a chicken farm. :) Masaya to, mag aalaga ako ng mga sisiw tapos pag malaki na sila, I'm gonna slit their throats and then put them on fire and eat them ^^

Here: http://dannythefarmer.blogspot.com

Will post pictures of our resort/farm


Temujin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Temujin said...

Ayos lang yun pre. Were are just playing around online naman. :)

Wow farming. That sounds exciting.
Break from IT.

Dinelete ko pala yung unang comment ko. may grammar error kasi.

Sometimes I think faster than I type. nge.

dannybuntu said...

Hehe, saw the comment.

Ya lol, it's not that glamorous, but I have to do this because our agri company has been in the red for 3 years now. It's been putting a drain on our other sources of income.

I'll have to secure the area first then work out a sustainable system.

Cheers! I'm heading out tomorrow :)

Temujin said...

I once attended an entreprenuer seminar where one of the speakers is the Owner of Lapid's Chicharon.

Do you now that that unglamorous business earns 100 million pesos a month?

A simple Chicharon business. Can you believe that!

That is why after that seminar I never count out a simple business ever again.

dannybuntu said...

Ahhhhhhh kapagod. The place is a mess. I spoke with many people today about some things I want to sell - mahogany trees and orchids. Commute lang ako. Maybe I'll have those killer abs when we start work there na starting September.

Most of the guys there have 8 pack abs with no effort but to live on a daily basis. Tindi ng mga tao dun.

In my own humble opinion, I think that the agricultural industry is underrated.

In the IT industry, do you have to contend with former communist rebels?

When my dad was alive, most of my dads' biggest clients were agricultural firms. Nahihiya lang ako na gamitin yung mga link na yon so I have to create my own network.

What's a simple business? Meron ba nun?


I'm gonna sleepppppp, its going to be a very long september.

I'm gonna miss you man :) I'll try to get those cheap ass wireless prepaid and borrow my sister's laptop when I am there.

Temujin said...

hehe. you are right. there is no such thing a simple business.

the proper word to use is unglamorous business. my bad. :p

dannybuntu said...

In the end,
we are but mere sons of the earth.

Toil and tears,
blood and sweat

Over and yonder,
my gaze reaches,

to the soil i was from
to the soil i must go

--danny garcia