Wednesday, July 22, 2009

UPDATE: Day 1065: What's Up Google?

Official Google Blog: An update from the Project 10^100 team

Go to: http://project10tothe100now.org/

Finally an Update:
Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience at Google, has announced that Google will be making some announcements regarding Project 10100 this fall. In an interview with Digg yesterday, Mayer said "We'll be making some announcements coming up this fall to close the process, get the public vote going, and ultimately decide on the winning idea or ideas." 


Well of course, you're talking about 10,000,000 USD here. What were they expecting?

One problem I can see is that if they have to verify each and every idea it would literally take them a bazillion years to test. Most of these ideas are after all - inventions. I would assume that in order for their tests to possess a certain form of validity - they would have to use the Scientific Method - which is easier said than done since there are more than 150,000 ideas that were submitted.

Magnet motor anyone?

I still say to Google and to all the other submitters,

"Open Source it"

Release your great idea to the world for some venture capitalists to snap up.

Miguel and his team has followed up on my idea and actually created these:


As of the moment their websites are simply an advocacy - telling Google that the web is watching.

But as I suggested to him, the way to go really would be to harness those 150,000 ideas and float them out in the open.

The point really is to spread out the innovative ideas out there for a better world.

Day 1065: July 22, 2009 My "Cloudar Eclipse" Pictures

What is a Cloudar Eclipse?

It's an eclipse caused by clouds blocking the sun. Causing partial darkness, utter confusion, and emotional dismay to those who are waiting for the real eclipse.

To get these exclusive "Cloudar Eclipse" photos, I climbed our water tank which is slightly higher than our house.


Okai, thanks, Bai!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 1061: Bayanihan Linux 5 Screenshots

Here's my way of promoting Bayanihan Linux to the Filipino people as well as the International Community. Yes, folks, we Filipinos have our own Linux distribution as well.

Right of the bat, I'm going to admit that I'm not really that well versed in evaluating a Linux distribution. I simply like it or not.

At the most, I can give it a score of 10 (highest) or 1 (lowest) without any explanation or justification for giving such a score. So if you really want an in-depth analysis, I suggest that you try it out for yourself to see. 

This Linux distribution is based on Debian, runs KDE 3.5 has the easiest installation routine I've ever encountered ever and has a pretty awesome wallpaper.

Since I am running Bayanihan Linux 5 on Virtualbox OSE I can't really test its actual performance. If there's such a thing as a Virtual Performance then I'll disclose that for what it's worth.

Okay, so here we go:


1. Booting the Virtual Linux Distribution from the Virtual CDROM in the Virtual Machine Installed in a Virtual Drive.

Yes, I am beginning to hate the word Virtual too.

I actually installed this 5+ times already so I have tried both Graphical and Text Mode install. The install process is very extremely newbie friendly. I literally installed by just pressing the Enter key again and again and again like a drunk rabbit.

The more advanced crowd would probably say that it's too simple and that the installation process actually hides more than it should. But nevertheless, these things could be tweaked later on.




Basically there are two modes shown above: the Graphical Mode and the Text Mode. Like I said, it's so easy even a drunk rabbit which can press the Enter key repeatedly can install it.

Seriously, it's really that easy. I would suggest the Text Mode when you are going to install this since there is no significant difference between the two except the additional usage of resources. Of course I could be wrong, but hey I'm a practical guy. To me they're the same banana.


First Boot

I can't really say since this installation is performed on a Virtual Machine. But speaking from my experience, it's simply slow.

How slow? After 5 minutes I got a sandwich, spread some peanut butter, toasted it, made myself coffee, tasted the coffee, added sugar, tasted coffee again, munched the sandwich and it's still not done.

Now before you rage against me - I'm going to say this again - this is on a Virtual Machine with an allocation of 256 MB RAM running on my Celeron 2.66 with 750+ MB RAM on Ubuntu 9.04 (Host) and Gnome.


Good work on making government logos look "ok". It makes me feel that I'm actually working there and this is my work PC.


The wallpaper is very nice and original. Very very very well done.

I couldn't change the screen resolution in Virtualbox so I moved the panel on top.

bayanihan linux kdm login





Bayanihan K-Menu

Bayanihan KMenu


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 1059: Twitter Private Info Hacked...

What happens if the people who are supposed to protect your data lose data themselves to hackers?

It seems like we are about to see as news spread out that Twitter employees themselves got careless with their own data and lost important documents such as executive meeting notes, partner agreements, financial projections to the meal preferences, calendars, phone logs of various Twitter employees.

So, are you still thinking about tweeting about your travel plans, or business decisions to the world? Now would be a good time to think again.

Techcrunch pretty much sums it up on how they're going to treat this breached confidential information with this quoted statement:

News Is What Somebody Somewhere Wants To Suppress; All the Rest Is Advertising.

Read all about it here:

This is

Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 1056: Download Free Open Source Stickers!

Stickers! Stickers! Get your Free Software Stickers! Read All About It! Open Source Stickers! GNU Stickers! Ubuntu Stickers! Print It! Stick It! Share it! Hundreds of Stickers! 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 1055: Bayanihan Linux 5 is Out - Pambansang Linux?

After months and months of guessing and head scratching by yours truly, I finally got word that the Philippines' Pambansang Linux Distribution is out...since... April 20, 2009. 

Seriously, guys, you really need to hire a public relations firm or a web seo outfit. It's like you are always operating in Stealth Mode, like you are in, in, in government. Oh, wait...

Come on guys, act like Linux geeks!  Get a twitter account or something. Oh well, maybe they have an NDA or something.

Their new website got Vicky Belo'd. Pretty.

Here's their newest Press Release:

Updated Bayanihan ISOs are now ready for download!
Friday, 10 July 2009 17:11

Hello everyone! Kamusta!

It's been a few months since the latest release of Bayanihan (Kalumbata) and by now some of the software we've bundled in the initial release (Revision0) have already been updated upstream. So here we go -- it's time we update the installer to include these newer versions by default with the release of Bayanihan5 (Kalumbata) - Revision1.

If you already have an existing installation of Kalumbata don't worry -- YOU DO NOT NEED TO REINSTALL Bayanihan. It's very simple to upgrade your system using the Synaptic Package Manager. You have the choice of either upgrading through the online repository or via the Revision1 installer CD. If you choose to update your system via CD, just click on Add CD-ROM in the Edit menu and follow the instructions on screen.

Cheers and happy FOSSing! -- by Rage.

Codenamed "Kalumbata", the latest version of Bayanihan Desktop features an easy-to-install single CD distribution.

This edition has the following features:

* New graphical installer
* Integrated office productivity applications, web browser, antivirus, CD/DVD burning tool, firewall utility, and many more!
* Improved out-of-the-box support for various wireless devices, peripherals and printers, as well as plug-and-surf capability for popular 3G wireless devices

Minimum hardware requirements:

* at least 500MHz Pentium-class processor
* at least 256MB RAM
* at least 5GB hard disk space
* monitor with at least SVGA resolution
* standard keyboard and mouse

Bayanihan Download Page

PS: Good Luck to You Guys and Gals

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day 1052.b: HowTo Install PHPBB3 on Ubuntu Server 9.04

How to Install phpbb3 on Ubuntu Server 9.04
By the way, it's in German. It's best that you click the link above to see all the parts of the video.

From: http://www.sempervideo.de/

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