Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't Earn Money Online.... Bleh... Paypal and BPI...

Dannybuntu / Dannythefarmer has finally discovered how to make money online. Kahit na pa barya barya lang. Pwede ng pagtiyagaan. I’ll share more of this later since I have to work at it constantly. Otherwise, all I will get are pocket change.
This post would be all about withdrawing money from Paypal straight to my BPI account.
STEP 1: Confirming my BPI Account as a real bank account and not a fake one.
1.       Paypal wants me to confirm bank account in my Paypal account by verifying. I can verify my BPI account by adding (or linking) it in Paypal. I put my bank information on Paypal.
2.       Paypal will then send or deposit two small deposits in my BPI account. Take note of these two small deposits.
STEP 2: Confirm account by inputting the two small deposits
1.       Remember the two amounts credited to my account. I have to input them in Paypal.
Simple lang. How am I going to input those two amounts if they are not there. I’ve been waiting for 12 days and up to now, the two small deposits are not there yet.
I basically have to watch my BPI account everyday, whether two small deposits have been made.
It seems that I’m not the only one with this problem:
Here are a few unlucky people I’ve found all across the Internet:

In Pinoy Money Talk:
Manolet Says:
“why are deposits from paypal take too long to reflect in bank rcbc, they said they deposited 2 small amounts, until now, feb 25, 2010 no deposits reflect? is there a maintaining balance in bank for it to be credited. i am a bit frustrated. any help will be greatly appreciated.”
rbueno Says:
BDO sucks!! it does not approve my bank account in paypal!

In Sulit’s Forums:
Chinita1277 says
I have sent about 3 or 4 complaints to PayPal through email because just like you,
i'm having a hard time having my PayPal account verified (my bank account however is with BDO).  Go to PayPal site and click on the HELP on the upper right hand corner of the site's homepage, then leave an email explaining your predicament.  PayPal usually responds within 24 to 72 hours, and staff usually follow through on your concerns.  Good luck!

Sadly, this seems to be the case in a lot of places as well:

Browse over the comments of these sites:


It seems the solution all points that I should go and open an EON account. That’s what I did this morning.

However, I love BPI. Not only because I used to work there and I find that they really do fill their company with the crème dela crème (hehe, kasama ako dun), but also because they conduct themselves with the best professional attitude I’ve ever seen in a lot of companies.

Pero, this time, I am forced to open an account with Unionbank. I was a little bit surprised that they told me it was going to take 2 weeks before I could even follow it up. Moreover, I find it strange that Unionbank is asking for my TIN Number and SSS. Oh brother... I’ve had 2 other banks other than BPI, and this is the first time I’ve actually come across this requirement. Well, anyway, I would update you, oh faithful reader about my predicament after two weeks.

*Gutom na ko......  I need to withdraw my 25 pesos este dollar earnings... Meow.