Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't Earn Money Online.... Bleh... Paypal and BPI...

Dannybuntu / Dannythefarmer has finally discovered how to make money online. Kahit na pa barya barya lang. Pwede ng pagtiyagaan. I’ll share more of this later since I have to work at it constantly. Otherwise, all I will get are pocket change.
This post would be all about withdrawing money from Paypal straight to my BPI account.
STEP 1: Confirming my BPI Account as a real bank account and not a fake one.
1.       Paypal wants me to confirm bank account in my Paypal account by verifying. I can verify my BPI account by adding (or linking) it in Paypal. I put my bank information on Paypal.
2.       Paypal will then send or deposit two small deposits in my BPI account. Take note of these two small deposits.
STEP 2: Confirm account by inputting the two small deposits
1.       Remember the two amounts credited to my account. I have to input them in Paypal.
Simple lang. How am I going to input those two amounts if they are not there. I’ve been waiting for 12 days and up to now, the two small deposits are not there yet.
I basically have to watch my BPI account everyday, whether two small deposits have been made.
It seems that I’m not the only one with this problem:
Here are a few unlucky people I’ve found all across the Internet:

In Pinoy Money Talk:
Manolet Says:
“why are deposits from paypal take too long to reflect in bank rcbc, they said they deposited 2 small amounts, until now, feb 25, 2010 no deposits reflect? is there a maintaining balance in bank for it to be credited. i am a bit frustrated. any help will be greatly appreciated.”
rbueno Says:
BDO sucks!! it does not approve my bank account in paypal!

In Sulit’s Forums:
Chinita1277 says
I have sent about 3 or 4 complaints to PayPal through email because just like you,
i'm having a hard time having my PayPal account verified (my bank account however is with BDO).  Go to PayPal site and click on the HELP on the upper right hand corner of the site's homepage, then leave an email explaining your predicament.  PayPal usually responds within 24 to 72 hours, and staff usually follow through on your concerns.  Good luck!

Sadly, this seems to be the case in a lot of places as well:

Browse over the comments of these sites:

It seems the solution all points that I should go and open an EON account. That’s what I did this morning.

However, I love BPI. Not only because I used to work there and I find that they really do fill their company with the crème dela crème (hehe, kasama ako dun), but also because they conduct themselves with the best professional attitude I’ve ever seen in a lot of companies.

Pero, this time, I am forced to open an account with Unionbank. I was a little bit surprised that they told me it was going to take 2 weeks before I could even follow it up. Moreover, I find it strange that Unionbank is asking for my TIN Number and SSS. Oh brother... I’ve had 2 other banks other than BPI, and this is the first time I’ve actually come across this requirement. Well, anyway, I would update you, oh faithful reader about my predicament after two weeks.

*Gutom na ko......  I need to withdraw my 25 pesos este dollar earnings... Meow.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see people here with the same problem like mine. I'm also suffering with this paypal, I have the same story. I have to wait until now for paypal to deposit the two small amounts which they said they had deposited last February 25, 2010 to my BPI account, until now my bank statement doesn't reflect those "amount" if there really is.

dannybuntu said...

Paypal is lying through its teeth. I will post soon about this. They even froze my account.... Buti na lang walang laman na pera.

Temujin said...

Actually, Paypal does not work with BPI. Eon Card is the only way to go or a VISA credit card if you want to verify your Paypal.

Another thing, If you use your EON card as your bank account (when withdrawing paypal money), you will only be deducted/charged 50 pesos per transaction.

If you use BPI, you will be charged/deducted 250 pesos.

dannybuntu said...

"Actually, Paypal does not work with BPI."

The paypal people lied then. Buti na lang I didn't put my money there.

Those people from Libis. tsk tsk tsk.

Hindi ko na naisulat yung long experience ko - pero suffice to say I became nasty with the paypal people. They became nasty with me too.

My account's frozen.

They should have said this in the first place. So we would not have wasted each other's time.

Temujin said...

Actually pre. You can withdraw using a BPI bank account. But only after your Paypal has been verified.

You will need to use a Visa Credit Card or Debit Card.

Baka pwede mo pa sila kausapin para magkaayos kayo. ;)

Amie said...

I'm still suffering from waiting too long for my account with BPI to get verified with PP. I have e-mailed and actually talked to paypal people to have things fixed soon but still no action until now. They have been holding my money since March 1, 2010. I hope that the concerned people in PP could read these complains and make up for this embarrassment.

dannybuntu said...

@Amie When it rains it pours. BPI technical support has categorically denied that it has any formalized relationship with Paypal. As such, how could paypal send a "small verification amount" if BPI's inward remittance policies will not accept an amount that is very negligible. It's a fact that kahit manually mo ipadala ang perang ang halaga e napakakonti, hindi tatanggapin ng banko yan. One US centavo is like 5 pesos. Hindi ipoprocess ng BPI yan.

Anthony this is getting way out of hand. Paypal should just ADMIT to the public that they cannot send the small verification amounts. It's that simple.


Niloloko nila ang mga tao.

cilay said...

I do have the same problem. I emailed paypal about this and they said that BPI returned the two amounts because they are too small. I also contacted BPI about this but haven't heard a word from them yet. Most of my friends are using EON but one friend advised that I can also use my HSBC credit card to verify my paypal account and withdraw thru BPI. But I feel like it's kinda hassle to use my CC to verify so I opted to open an account on EON. :(

Temujin said...

Eon Card lang accredited ng Paypal sa Pilipinas.

Wag na kayo magpakahirap sa BPI. wala talaga yun. ;)

dannybuntu said...

@Cilay I was able to withdraw money from to to BPI. to BPI is a normal bank to bank transfer (wire) kaya remittance fees apply.

I suggest that you do as Anthony says and get an Eon card. to verify your account with *shudder* Paypal.

Amie said...

Mr. Danny thanks for the infos, I'm so glad that I've found this site so that even here i can air my sentiments. I believe that the problem is really with BPI and not actually with PP. @Cilay, I was also advised by a friend to verify it first with my HSBC credit card. And now I'm waiting for the billing statement to get the verification code from PP. I'm happy to meet fellow bloggers here. - Amie

dannybuntu said...

Hi Amie,

"I believe that the problem is really with BPI and not actually with PP"

Can you explain?

Amie said...

Hi Mr. Danny, I have made a call just a while ago to BPI Customer Service Representative and it's conflicting from what the other CSR had told me a week ago. I'm really confused up to now. The only hope I have for the moment is to patiently wait for my billing statement from HSBC to get the verification code. PP had ben holding my money for almost a month now and it's making me feel very upset.
I'll keep you posted on whatever result that I might get, so that I can also share it with others who have the same experience with linking of PP with BPI.

dannybuntu said...

Here are things that are for sure Amie:

BPI does not have any banking arrangement with Paypal

Howeever, Paypal CAN Transfer cash to BPI.

It would be difficult to VERIFY a BPI account in Paypal because the verification amounts that Paypal sends to BPI is very small. Here remittance rules apply.

Don't be frustrated, you really have to be patient in the beginning. That's why I have to brainwash myself and think that I would get the money I worked for at least a month after I earned them.

Remittance is one of the restrictive aspects of banking. Lalo na with BPI. Pero once you get the hang of it, ayos ka na.


Amie said...

Thanks a lot Mr. Danny. God bless.

akustik said...

does anyone here work in odesk? if so, have you ever tried withdrawing your earnings using moneybookers? odesk has this payooner debit card, but the card's not been shipped to me yet. waiting for my bpi bank account to be verified in paypal is frustrating. those two random deposits paypal sent, well they were rejected by bpi. now, paypal blocked my bpi account and i can't use it for confirmation... now, i really want to withdraw my hard-earned money. an officemate, a former odesk freelancer, told me that she used her regular bpi savings account for moneybookers and she got her dough 4-5 days after initiating withdrawal. the thing, though, is that she made the withdrawal back in 2007. I checked an oDesk payment method guideline and there's this note about using moneybookers: "Moneybookers requires you to use a commercial (not personal) account to receive payments from oDesk." I asked my officemate if she recalled seeing this note--she said no. A BPI savings account is a personal account, right? So, now I'm wondering if any of you here has recently used a BPI savings account to withdraw funds from moneybookers. Thanks, guys.

dannybuntu said...


Haven't worked there. I work on a prepaid connection so I can't stay online a lot.

I was able to remit from moneybookers to BPI.

Pero BPI charged me something.

Personal account.

Anonymous said...

thanks dannybuntu... uhm, malaki ba bawas ng BPI?

dannybuntu said...

Honestly I haven't gone into the nitty gritty from the BPI end. Pero with Moneybookers it's $2.8 for the $15+ transaction.

Amie said...

Mr. Danny, I've just read your comment in my blogspot site. thanks also for dropping by.. I'll update you soon regarding the status of my paypal as soon as I get good result..

dannybuntu said...

Glad to be of help Amie



P.S. Please call me Danny and not Mr. Danny. :)

Anonymous said...

Waaaaa!!! Akala ko tuloy nagiisa lng aqng may ganitong problema.. Ehehehe! Hindi nmn pla.. Uhmm... Cguro nkbuti nrin sa akin yung ganitong hindi ko nconfirm ang account ko at least nabawasan aq ng temptation n magspend ng money sa kung anu-anong bagay.. Ehehehehe!

dannybuntu said...


Hindi ka nagiisa. :) Actually, wala na kong pakialam sa Palpak este Paypal na yan. I use Moneybookers mas professional sila.

Amie said...

@Danny, just want to inform you that my PP account is now okay, I'll post a blog as soon as possible in wordpress(I'm just really very occupied as of the moment with my two jobs) regarding the problem I encountered in my PP & BPI account. All that I can say is neither PP & BPI should be blamed for what have happened...

dannybuntu said...

@Amie, that's good to hear! Congrats!

dannybuntu said...

Btw here is a new post I've made on how to use moneybookers for bpi.

bosschar said...

I am experiencing delay also. I have been a verified Paypal member since 2008 and have been withdrawing from Paypal to BDO for quite a while now. I'm not sure what has happened but my withdrawal on April 29 and May 6 have both been delayed in being credited to my BDO account.

It SUCKS. I'm not sure anymore who is at default here. For now, all I can do is wait for the 14th business from which time the money has been credited and provide paypal my bank statement so they can initiate a trace. I must be the only verified paypal member I know experiencing this problem. Gah!

maemichitose said...

Hi i have been using BPI Direct for the transfer of my paypal cash. SOBRA naman mag charge ang BPI, grabe naman eh P150! PP nga P50 lang ang charge sa withdrawal, sa Pinas pa sila ng transfer ng money. Grabe talaga! Parang nananamantala eh. I’m just so pissed off kasi, konti lang ung nakukuha kong profit from my clients who pays me via paypal. And when i have no choice but to get the funds there, kinukuhanan pa ko ng bank na yan ng P150! For goodness sakes! Hindi napupulot ang P150! malaki pa charge nila sa tubo ko sa isang items na binenta ko, my GOD!