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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Money Problems of a Freelance Writer

No, my hair's not receding. My forehead is just big,
you know? It's like Noynoy's. Coincidentally,
my nick name as a child was Nonoy.

Making money on the Internet is like picking peanuts one by one in a field and then selling them at 1 cent apiece.

But I've actually done it. I've found the formula for making money on the Internet.

I've actually earned more money in a month than in my short lived career as a call center agent and bank support staff. As a former employee of Bank of the Philippine Islands and a call center agent in NCO RMH Teleservices, I made the equivalent of $333.33 a month or PHP 15,000.00. That monthly salary was enough to feed my family.

Note the keyword: Feed.

That's all I could do since I've got 3 voracious monsters who like Sinigang and Fried Chicken everyday. Alex shares food with his mom at no cost via a nutritious food substitute called breast milk.

My earnings from Freelance writing now account for $344.90. I know that's just 11 point something, more than my celery right? But hey, I get to decide when I'll take a vacation and watch Stargate all day long.


Now that I've got a few hundred dollars stashed in,  my problem is taking the money out. They're just stuck there.So what do you want me to do? Hire a freelance writer to write for me a thousand 300 word articles about sex toys?

Probably not.

Here are some ways that I've already tried:

Option 1:

Did I write about my infamous Paypal scandal? Oh, no. Not yet. I am so distressed with these numbskulls that I actually thank the lord that I didn't make the mistake of putting my money with them. They LIED to me and froze my account!

I'll talk about that later when my blood pressure has gone back to normal. Headline reads:

Option 2

I've managed to transfer funds to and I am generally satisfied with their service. I haven't actually gotten the money yet but it's there. Unless one of you dear readers will hack into it. Get all of my $60.00.

Option 3
Getafreelancer Payoneer

This looks like a convenient way of getting money. Since I haven't gotten my debit card yet, it remains to be seen whether this option is good or not. I'll post an update.

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