Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Online Job as a Pinoy Freelance Writer

Offline, I used to sweep leaves and chase bayawaks for a living here in Batangas. Now I just let the bayawaks run around to chase "Big Show" my favorite free range chicken. Don't worry, PETA activists, "Big Show" is well taken care off and in fact has his own suite here. I just let him roam around because I feel bad keeping him in a chicken coop where he will be trapped and lonely. If you want to buy your own PET chicken, head on over to Solraya or Farmer's Choice. Both have very good chicken breeds.

So in a way, I am a farmer, security guard, caretaker and sweeper.

Online, I am dannybuntu, which is a combination of danny + ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a free operating system based on GNU/Linux.
Ubuntu is also an African word that means "humanity towards others" or loosely,
"I am who I am because of who we all are." 

As dannybuntu, I earn a living through the old fashioned way - writing online as a Pinoy writer.

At first, I can hardly believe it myself because I used to think that earning online is a Fantasy that only Yugatech.com or PinoyTechBlog.com was able to realize.

There were so many scams back then (1999 to 2008) that seemed to make it appear that the Internet was a cash cow ready to be milked by virtually any idiot who had an Internet connection.

I tried a lot of things already, which included investing in a bogus Filipino company that wanted to publish a MMORPG or a MMOFG, that bunked. Na Bangu-ngot ako dahil sa kanila.

I also tried those Pay to Click schemes, but soon the businessman inside of this pinoy writer thought that these guys probably don't earn money in the real world. How are they going to pay me if I click on Ads? When I couldn't think of a thing, I stopped.

Finally, Anthony, an online friend of mine finally showed me the way and introduced me to a secret being held long by the Pinoy Online Elite. You can earn money online.

So now, here I am earning a living as a pinoy writer.

It's surprising.
It's amazing.
It's real.
It's what I love to do.

I don't plan on doing this for a long time. As a businessman, I always plan to move on to other things as I perfect a method that would generate me income. It keeps me alive and "un-bored". There would always be other opportunities that I am not yet aware of. Hopefully, because I am sharing valuable information now for free, somebody like Anthony will help me again and point me to the way.

That's why I am sharing this information. I expect competition to arrive in hordes and I welcome it. It's okay with me because this is a sunshine industry. Right now, there are more articles that need to be written than there are writers to write them.

Loosely estimated, I figure that the odds are 30 articles everyday for 1 writer. That's based on my experience because I have three nice bosses and they give me about 10 articles to work on everyday. I simply can't keep up with the work.

So why do I keep on saying that earning a living by writing online is an old fashioned way of earning money? Because as far as I am concerned, it may be a sunshine industry, but it could be replaced pretty soon by another trend. That's the beauty of the Internet, it would always keep you up on your toes to look for new ways of innovating and creating.

I hope that I was able to share a valuable insight to my readers as they make their way to working online as a freelance writer, a programmer, accountant, designer, advertiser, and a whole lot more.

The possibilities are endlessly beautiful.