Monday, April 05, 2010

Wacky Freelancing Gig of the Week - Get Paid $3000 by Writing About Playboy Mansion

UPDATE 4/5/2010: Project Frozen

I'm a sucker. I'm not a sucker. Scam alert bells are ringing... Are you a sucker? I don't know. It seems too funny to participate. On the other hand, who knows, it may be true. What have I got to lose, right? I mean a trip to Playboy Mansion would probably change my life for the worst. "Lead us not into temptation, but Lord I need the money."

Anyway, rusomafioso posted this project where apparently, you'll get $3000 for writing a compelling essay on why you should be "the one" to attend a party in Playboy Mansion with some affiliate marketers. Now if that isn't how everybody should make money online, then I don't know what is. Well, my sane alter ego says: make money online through the old fashioned way by working hard. Anyway, here's the job posting and the link:

I am willing to pay $3000 to someone who can write a compelling essay of why they should be the one to attend a PlayBoy Mansion Party with an Affiliate team. In order to qualify for this post, you need to send me a sample essay on the same topic with 250 or less words. Looking forward to it!

Final essay will be 1500 words or less.

I'll get back to you guys as I figure out why I should go to a party in Playboy Mansion....Bikini, Girls, Mansion, Party, Booze, Affiliate Marketing, Money, Hell....

Anyway, if you wanna join the madness, feel free to join www.freelancer.com

Here's what I would've submitted if the project wasn't frozen too early....

Business in the Mansion
            I’m not a party animal. But I know, that you know, that if I win this project, it would generate a significant amount of attention. $3000 may not be much for Hugh Hefner or his promotions guy, but it’s certainly worth a lot to a significant number of people around the world.

            You guys want attention and you’re willing to throw money to get that attention. Going to Playboy Mansion isn’t about the sex, the booze, the bikinis, the girls – it’s about the opportunity to make a wave of money. That’s what Playboy Mansion is all about and that’s why you need me to write that 1,500 word article and maybe, just maybe, invite me to go over there.

            I’m a businessman first and foremost, and a strategist by calling. The affiliate marketers are not there to party their heads off, they’re there to generate interest on a declining and soon to be senile business model. Last I heard, Hefner was selling the mansion for a hefty sum, or sold it already if I’m not mistaken.

            I think the most compelling reason on why I should be chosen to go to Playboy Mansion is that I can bring change to their staggering and soon to be obsolete business model. Like I said, I’m not a party animal and I’m certainly not just a writer. I can turn your business around faster than you can say Bikini. Otherwise, all the public will see is an old man selling porno offline and online.

Come on, it wasn't that bad. I wrote it in under 5 minutes.