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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blogging id Dead...Can't Figure Out Why I am Still Doing It...

Yes, my dear friends,

Blogging id dead.

Seriously. Facebook and twitter and all those social media mumbo jumbos drove a wooden shaft called social shaft and shafted bloggers to oblivion - or simply old age.

Ok, still don't believe me? Name two blog URLs that are made by kids (You know those little critters below 20 years old? Exclude the kidblogger because he barely even posts now - whoever is running that place has a whole coterie of marketing analysts, a sales team and a room full of monkey's doing SEO.)

All those said little critters are now on Facebook posting pictures of their favorite Korean pop stars instead of blogger.

It's time that we face the truth that what we have now is a razmatazz of old geeks pecking on their keyboards like they were big bird on a Sunday morning in Sesame Street.  

Ouch. Got you?

It's so surreal, how many times have you been disappointed when you searched on the net and found an obviously SEO'd article that contains fluff? These days, everybody is selling something. (Including me.)

It used to be the heart and the soul that rendered the heart broken blogger to spill her guts out on the Internet for everybody to nibble on.

Now, it's just a room full of mediocre sales men, selling crappy stuff to other mediocre sales men.

Is it still working? For some definitely. The A listers would survive because their blogs don't even look like blogs anymore. So, if it doesn't look like a blog, is it still a blog?

I digress.


With paid shills like me ruining the web and turning it into a virtual Baclaran or Divisoria, I somewhat feel guilty. Writing and commenting sweatshops in Bangalore and Utar Pradesh or God forbid, Pakistan, all the more make it worst.

Still don't believe me?

Read this profound manifesto about our feline friends.

The Very Charming Cat
Cats are most loved by kids and elders because of its purest hair and cute look like. Cats are very easy to take good care of. They are one of the most common pet that are loved by most common people. Cats are very loving and perfect to be loved because of its sweetness and attractive eyes that can attract you much.
Cats are very charming in any ways; they were very cute cats that is so easy to love. The loved that they need is a love like what you give to the people. They were just like kids who are playful and tend to play with you all the time.
A cat needs love also as people do. They are like a person who understands how to love and to be loved.
Let those cats be your partner in life; let those pets be your charming pet that will give you happiness in everything that you do. Cats are animals but they deserve to be treated just like individual who have soul and heart to love most.
It is really important those things that you have to think about pets are just like kids playing around that needs an importance of love. Love that will keep you together and bond you just like anybody who you really loved most. Try to practice those kinds of love and for sure it will be given to you by your loving cats.

Note: I didn't write this. Really. I swear. Want more?
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