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Thursday, May 13, 2010

HowTo and When to Quit Facebook

Delete FacebookIn order to delete your facebook account:

1. You must sign in
2. Go to 'Account'
3. Click on Account Settings

Deactivate Facebook
Step 1: Deleting Facebook Account

4. Scroll down and find Deactivate Account

Delete Facebook Account
Step 2: Delete Facebook Account

First they wanted us to join and now they want us to quit Facebook.

So when should we quit Facebook? That depends.

Almost everybody I know who hates computers back then are now using computers because of Facebook. I have a large extended family and it's a great way to keep in touch with them.

Those privacy concerns are baloney in my humble opinion. They apply only to people who have dark dark secrets to keep, in the first place.

Hasbro Games Pocket Pogo LCD GamesSome people argue that social networking sites like Facebook may cause divorce.

That's just another baloney.

So if and when you do decide to write another how to delete your facebook account, I will let you watch this old but still funny cartoon.

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