Thursday, July 08, 2010

Awesome Webinar By Jay Berkowitz

I just attended Jay Berkowitz's Ten Things Every Executive Needs to Know to Generate Business on the Internet using GotoMeeting. It was awesome! The software worked flawlessly and all I had to do was sit back, listen and have a sip of coffee.

You'll actually have the feeling that you are attending a real seminar except that you don't get to see who's beside you.

It's as if you are sharing the monitor that the speaker is using. So, in a way, we really are connected.

Jay mentioned several things, which I took note of below.

Screen cap of Jay showing an example of a YouTube

Last week I wasn't able to attend because of a power failure here so I made sure that I attended this one.

* The thing that really got my attention was the Unique Value Proposition or the UVP. Jay mentioned that in order for Internet Marketers to convince potential clients to "take action" on their websites, they must offer something for free. It could be a newsletter with helpful industry tips, it could be a product trial or it could even be service.

His description was that this was the virtual social handshake.

Here are my notes. They are a little messy since it's 2:00 AM here.

1. John Wanamaker
"I know half of my advertising is wasted... i just dont know which half"

-measure roi to the penny
-google ppc
-daily budget
-not about how many people click on your ad.
-but how many people bought something - took an action. eg. signed up for something

-conversion action

CPC - cost per conversion

target advertising google
----google checkout.
using Googles checkout to purchase software.

"dynamic keyword insertion"
Phone number trick
-inserts phone number in the ad

landing pages

- so much copy

--landing page - which page they see first on the website


--color schemes

--form on the right hand of the page

2. how you perform vs a competitor

Use tools

- Seo Quake Toolbar... Page Ranking.

- More pages... google indexes more


- Unique page for every product.

- compete.com

- spyfu

- blended search

- use linkedin

3. all kinds of business - small, medium and large
4. Always a time to learn about these things
5. Internet advertising is not expensive

100 billion searches every month

--72% prefer left side
--how do you make an indent?
--google keyword tool
--wordtracker. keyword discovery
--link popularity

6. build lists - give something for free

7. Not to late to learn this internet stuff

8. Blogs

9. Find people

10. A website is a lead magnet