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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Google Entering the Gaming Market


Quite an exciting Google news on a Sunday morning.

Call me silly. But I've been rooting for this for the last two years. Google tried it for a while only to pull the plug before it even materialized.

Pardon me for the foolish articles - I was two years younger then, excited at the prospect that I can predict what Google would do. 

No, I am not claiming to be Danny the Google Nostradamus, I merely speculated on how Google would move if I were in the privileged position of having the world's number one search engine and revenue maker.

That said, that won't ever happen.

Zynga is an excellent investment for Google or for anybody for that matter.

In my own humble opinion,I think it may be too little and too late for the web search giant to enter the gaming market. But if they just want to be in it for finding lost Bessie's or planting strawberry patches, I guess that would do pig, that would do.
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