Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Value of Content by Mitch Joel and FreeMarket.com

FreeMarket.com Virtual Content Store

A few days after I've listened to Mitch Joel's SPOS Podcast Episode #211 where he "tackled the conversation over content and its value (re: pricing model) in our current society" among other things, an interesting announcement was made by Freelancer.com.

Freemarket.com is a virtual marketplace which offer virtual goods (hehe), such as images, graphics, music, and even programming code.

It takes paid content to a whole new level where people can independently purchase and sell these virtual goods. In my own opinion this is a great and logical step for the popular freelancing website where they could leverage their traffic.


First and foremost we are extremely excited to announce the launch of
Freemarket.com, which we aim to grow into the world's top marketplace
for virtual goods! Over the past month we’ve been testing the
Freemarket with a few thousands beta users and today we finally go
live with over 5000 items!

This new marketplace will allow any of our 1.7 million users to
upload and sell any and all of your virtual content to anyone in
the world.

Your Freelancer account is automatically linked to Freemarket, so
you'll automatically earn money into your Freelancer account when
items sell.

If you upload an item to the store which gets sold between now and
the 20th August 2010 you will win a special Foundation Merchant
insignia to add to your profile! So start stocking the virtual shelves
with all of your great logo designs, web templates, flash files,
scripts, 3D content, graphics, sound clips and more!

If you'd like to add a category, just send us a note at the helpdesk
in the Marketplace category. We've already had some great suggestions
about adding articles and database sections that we'll add shortly!