Thursday, August 26, 2010

6 Tips on How Bloggers Can Help Tourism in the Philippines

You might not know it, but the Philippines is the SEO Capital of the World. We have the best and the most highly skilled SEO experts around. As a freelance writer, I can strongly attest to this because we have ProBloggers earning double and even quadruple digits from their adsense earnings on a daily basis. That's only the visible parts.

It is with this premise that I would like to propose that bloggers and SEO practitioners do their part in helping our fellowmen who are in the hospitality and tourism industry by injecting some positivity in the matter.

The truth is good - but most of the time, negative truth gets the limelight. I'm not suggesting that we cover up the truth - most of us have already done an extremely good job at magnifying it. What I am suggesting is that we focus on the rebuilding efforts through these tips:

1. Focus on the positive things that our government is doing in order to remedy, improve and make the situation better.

2. Blog about the positive concrete steps that our nation is taking to make the situation better.

3. Focus on infrastructure. Every day, there is a new project that is launched, a new livelihood program started,  a new hobby that is created, a new helpful and positive thing that's not covered by the media. Blog on it like your life depended on it

4. Keywords. Remember that the prevailing keywords right now are: Philippine Hostage Crisis, Philippine Hostage Video, Philippine Hostages, Tourism Philippines, Blacklist Philippines, Quirino Massacre - use your imagination and focus on these keywords when you blog or write - and then write something good.

5. Accept and write about the truth but provide positive sounding solutions. Let's not focus on negativity and blame. Don't use the word "should". Find sentences with the word "will", "is going to", "is doing", "will be" - think concrete, finished, future, possibilities, doable and positive.

6. Images count a lot. So make sure that when you write your blog posts - put some imagery of our best. No more pictures of the bus please.

Our country and its people are beautiful, kind hearted and peaceful. Let's make sure that we build this sentiment up while still accepting our own failures. The good thing about this really is that this event, though tragic and disheartening, may still be a teachable moment to the rest of us who are still here.

With this note, let us shine forth and show the world the best that we can be.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.  

P.S. If you have tips of your own please do share in the comments section. Every little bit counts.