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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back Paper

Everyone thinks that he or she is a protagonist in his or her own story of life. The same goes with the expression thereof, in blogs, in facebook and on twitter.

Nobody arrives at the conclusion, "Hey world, I am the bad guy." 
But it does happen at times.

Nobody arrives at the conclusion, "Hey my opinions are wrong and you are right."
But it does happen at times.

In a virtual world where anything you say or write will always be held against you - for eternity thanks to Google, our opinions and beliefs - which we hold to be noble can backfire and bite us in the ass. 

Go over your blog again and you're bound to offend 1, 2, 3, 4 maybe a thousand people in the world with the click of a mouse button. 

That sucks. 

But there's nothing we could do about it. Blogs are (should be?) emancipated from the confines of face to face encounters, where everybody behaves well. 

Sometimes, somebody completely misses the point and brings out an AK47 and shoots everyone down. 

Every now and then, I get to read an angry post on Facebook. It would be an all sweeping statement that catches you off guard at 10:49 PM just as you were writing about an article on diapers. (Ok that's me)  

I pause, reflect and for one second, think, is this guy talking about me? 

A split second transpires and a simple Yes or No pops up.

Nope, guess not, and I proceed writing about the merits of diapers.

It would be great if people would just take a few moments to reflect on words. I know, it gets tiring specially if you have to do it at the rate of 10,000 a day. The same goes with me. I never intentionally hurt people - unless I have to. Hehehe. Well, no not really.

I remember a training program where people are asked to stick a blank sheet of paper on your back and everybody gets to write anonymously. I always got the neutral comments like:

"He is a nice guy."
"He is a nice guy."
"He is a nice guy."
"He is a good friend."

Other people would have it far worst, like, 
"his underarms smell" 


"He is egotistic"

Hmmm, i wonder if you could do that with blogs.

Chalk it up to Silly Idea Number - I Forgot What #

"The Anonymous Back Paper" 

Back Paper >< Paper Back

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