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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How's Life?

It seems that eons have passed since I last wrote about making a conscious decision about changing my life. Fast forward to the present and what I have is a combination of two different worlds. Both of which, I am tied to.

It's amazing nonetheless to be brought back to where I came from - in front of a computer. As it is, I am spending more than 12 hours a day in front of it much to the consternation of my facebook friends who've had to bear with my incessant posting and reposting.

But life is not all the same. I now live in the family resort simply because we cannot leave it as it is. Maintaining it is a difficult task that requires micro managing to the fullest. Aside from the passive income that I generate through the family business I also write as a ghost blogger, article spinner, freelance writer, copywriter and whatever you want to call it these days.

Life is.

In spite of all the difficulties I've managed to cling on to something that I know is immutable. This gives me the strength to carry on and work for more than 12 hours a day, this gives me the strength to go to my hometown to oversee the building every now and then. This gives me the hope, that someday, things will be easier.

It's amazing that I am now exactly where I wanted to be.

Yes, but the irony of wanting to leap further astounds me even more.

Maybe, it's because of boredom or maybe it is the hardships of other people that drives me to get better at what I do.
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