Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Word "Should"

Oftentimes, political writers, commentators and pundits use the word "should" in a way that confounds, irritates and quite possibly gets ignored by the people who "could". 

Would you listen if people who would've known little or none at all tell you the things that you should do?

[Blank] should do [Blank] because [Yada, Yada, Yada]

Sadly, this is how political commentary all over the world is often made. It doesn't matter whether it's about ducks drenched in grime and grease, or people wallowing in grime and grease, the word should is over-esteemed. 

Even children don't listen to it

You should pick up your clothes and put them in the laundry basket. 

"But...... Mom!"

Imagine if you are relaying your "Should Manifesto"  to a bunch of pointy nosed, thick skulled and egotistic individuals. The results could very well be similar. 

In an age where everybody seems to be jumping on the "Everybody is my boss" nonsense, the word should  is given an identity that goes beyond it's capability. 

A Solution

The solution is in the acceptance that things "ARE". Though we often aspire for SHOULD BE, coming to terms with THEY ARE, gives us the freedom to go beyond the limitations that are all too often self imposed. 

Things ARE, and deep in your mind lies a hankering for SHOULD BE, but THROUGH THIS, they WILL BE

Execution is key. 

The process is tedious, but with great and well thought out effort come great results. 

By then, precious time is saved by not clamoring for something that ISN'T

It's very easy to be bound by the enslavement wrought about by the word "SHOULD".

For now, let us reserve it to those who COULD and do it as we WOULD given our limitations.