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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Advice to my Son and Daughters

First they will befriend you yet you do not know them.
They will shower you with gifts
Then they will get you drunk
Be wary as your tongue will loosen and words will flow like wine
When you are drunk enough
They will find your weakness, your vice, your desires

This is the time when you have to find that single light in your muddled head

What is your priority?

When they have failed, they will then use these against you


Be careful of the words you utter
People have this nasty habit called stupidity and misinterpretation
Some words can mean more than one thing
They will get the meaning in your words that suits their agenda
Then their agenda will become your words


Fear is the most potent of all weapons
It moves countries
It moves cultures to do drastic and unspeakable horrors
Learn how to use it - not because you are going to
But because you should know when it is being used against you

They will gnaw away at your fortress
Pick it piece by piece
Inflicting one tiny pinprick of fear every day
They will climb your walls and bring it down

You'd know who they are by looking at their faces

You have done nothing and bear no ill grudge towards them
But they will look at you as if you are a murderer
Some will smile at you yet stare and balk when your back is turned

Pay no heed to them
Act as if they do not exist
They are brooding and will feed on your reaction
So do not react

Never give in to fear unless the tool of fear is already real
You'll know when it has become real
You must be prepared


Real friends know their boundaries
Real friends will know about respect
You will have 1 or two throughout your life
It could be your siblings, your husband or wife, your mom, or someone else

You will know when the time has come

Yet, do not rely on them
Anticipate their weaknesses and expect them to fail you because of these
By doing so, you will still be friends even after failure


Love is not a feeling
It is a promise that is unconditional
It is a commitment to see it through the very end

Strong desires fade as the cold settles in

You will know love once you have read the Bible
You will know of unselfish love

Do not expect someone to love you as you are
But try your best to be lovable to those who deserve it

In the end, the best friend you'll ever have will be the One who has died on the cross for your trespasses so that your sins will be forgiven.

In the end He will be the one who will love you the most.

Kind Acts

Not all of your kind acts will be rewarded
Be wary of people who want to get your sympathy.
Everyone, in one way or another deserves sympathy,
The difference is in what they do to address this.

Some beg. Some even threaten. Most don't do anything.

Pity the ones whom you see who are trying their best yet still fail.

Do not pay attention to those who are not trying at all.


Be wary of whom to accept gifts from.
The most well meaning of gifts may have the darkest of motives.
Mind who gives it and know their intentions.
This is specially true if you are in a position of power or influence.

Remember, there are people who wouldn't even mind you
if you don't have those two.

I know I have.
They have tried to bribe me with women.
Some have offered the simplest of gifts like fruits and vegetables.

Be careful of these.
Most of the time, they want something in return which they will collect in due time.

Life is Unfair

Deal with it.
Learn from it.
Trade with it.
Anticipate it.
Prepare for it.
Make contingencies for unfairness.

Corruption in Government

Is the product of greed.
Will always be there as long as there are humans.
Work around it.
The people who deal with absolutes are the dangerous ones.

Ask yourself, will people always be greedy?

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