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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Auto Submit Content to Digg

This post was meant to verify the auto submission of this blog to Although the algorithms have indicated that being dugg on digg, is next to 99.99% impossible because of the dearth of alien overlords manipulating it and the elitist culture that seems to be bent on promoting them and themselves only, this goobledygooked freelance writer is embarking in this exercise to make sure that he is not missing something at all.

Like the lotto pot which has only gone bigger almost 600 Million Pesos in fact, it would be interesting to see whether Kevin Rose is not just pulling our collective beards in the efforts to make himself richer.

So, in the spirit of the promulgation of the vicissitudes of nothing, I have included a code heretofore, to make sure that my blog is assimilated in the endless labyrinth of digg worthiness.

So, Kevin Rose, does this make you happy? Are you happy now?

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