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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bored Insomniac

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It didn't seem right to have different kinds of hunting knives stashed all over the house. To be sure, his wife thought that they were reprehensible. Yet he paid no attention to the voices of reason and civility, because he knew, that he knew better.

Their's was an abode of silence, a place of relative obscurity that was hidden in plain sight. They are in a place where people would not find them, a place that time has forgotten.

Yet it was strange that the man acted this way, his wife thought. He seemed aloof and obsessed with something that she was not aware of. It bothered her to great lengths to figure out what this is. But the mind of the man was an impenetrable fortress of guarded thoughts. What he knew could change the future of humanity. Yet, there he was, keeping it to himself as he smoked his cheap cigarette staring blindly into nothing.

The days that followed were just mirrors of the same thing recurring. It was as if they were all waiting on something, on anything. Everyday, it was the same routine. He got off the bed at exactly 6:00. He took a look outside, as if expecting someone to arrive. Had a cup of coffee and ......    

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