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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ever wonder who the unluckiest man on earth is?

Unluckiest man is the man with a smirk that can stop a
nuclear holocaust from happening
Without a doubt, the unluckiest man on earth is Jack Bauer. He's fictional but they say that the life or story of a fictional character is a reflection of the life of the writer. On the other hand, these stories could also be the reflection of an overwrought and boring existence. Inverse exaggerations.

You have to dig deeper in the lives of Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran and Howard Gordon to really know about how boring their lives are.

Jack Bauer is the unluckiest man on Earth because:

1. He got fired from a job as a director of an office with glass walls and cool high tech toys. Now, Frank moved in and booted out CTU and made it his own office. (Who the F is Frank?)

Frank Addante: "The new office is where they filmed the first season of the show "24". Jack Bauer's office is prominently displayed in the middle of the space. Yes, of course we named it the "Bauer Conference Room"!"

Image from Frank Addante's Blog
2. Jack lost his wife, his daughter and most importantly his freaking car. Now he has to hijack one whenever he needs a ride.

3. Jack Bauer got tortured for the sake of the country.... And President Bill Clinton still disagrees with him...

Crap. I knew I should have been an English teacher in Korea...

4. Jack Bauer was kidnapped, tortured, beaten and made to look like a hobo in China.

Chinese Guy: Maybe you should star in Harry Potter and replace that fat guy.
Jack Bauer: Shut up. I'm cold
Other Chinese Guy: Did... did he wet his pants?
Chinese Guy: Oh...shhhiii...
Jack Bauer: I'm just sweating you morons. 
5. He can't spend time with his family, because he is busy saving the world.... To cut a long story short, all he had was a Jack Bauer Bag like this:

Jack Bauer in China Picture from:

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