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Friday, July 30, 2010

Buy Facebook Fans and Likes: Ethical?

Illustration depicting thought.Image via Wikipedia
I tend to have an open mind when faced with this kind of a scenario. If the big companies can buy facebook fans and likes through proxy via their marketing teams, why shouldn't the little guys do it too?

First Impressions Lasts

When people are faced with a recommendation from a friend, a complex thought process comes into play. This process occurs within a split second and happens right after reading the recommendation and just before clicking on the Like button.

Here's my attempt to describe that process:

  • Is the friend reputable? 
  • Is the friend's recommendation relevant to the Like?
  • Who else Likes it?
  • Does the reader have any need that is pertinent to the recommendation?
  • How many existing Likes are there?
  • Finally, is it really worth liking?

Without a friend or a trusted entity to make the recommendation, the process of 'Liking' is somewhat different:
  • How many existing Likes are there?
  • Does the reader have any need that is pertinent to the recommendation?
  • Finally, is it really worth liking?

It's a debate between the reputation of the people who made the like and the quantity of likes that are already made. Different individuals have different thought processes. While some may ascribe legitimacy to the number of Likes that a Facebook Page has, there are a few who don't pay attention at all. 

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lost Your Job in the US? - Find Work in the Philippines :D

I found this gem on facebook just a few minutes ago.

Ravingly hilarious, it turns the world upside down, indeed!

Turock (aka Tory) and Jason have been running their taxi in the philippines for the past year. They both lost Jobs in the USA and picked up and moved to the Philippines to look for jobs. Jobs in the Philippines are scarce but starting a taxi service made sense.


Internets = Parody motivator.Image via Wikipedia
The Internet thrives on perceptions and illusions. It is the hook.

Everything is a marketing opportunity and you may not even be aware of it. Every hyperlink, be it text, image or video is a quintessential worm that begs you to just chomp it.

You are the fish. That big fat fish.

Therefore, the segments of the Internet that gets the most attention, are the ones which have the fattest worms.


During the early days of the great Google money wagon, producers of content practically had a free hand when it comes to "monetizing" their links. Many weasel eyed writers, bloggers and webmasters, knew how to use SEO back then - not Search Engine Optimization but Social Engineering Optimization.

They used links that promised to fulfill the most basic of human desires. By then, it is only a matter of statistics on how many will actually click that link. There were some who were honest enough to make it known that these wonderfully intricate and fat worms were in fact - worms.

Their websites would have non engineered pages with genuine content, albeit at the bottom or at the sidebar would be a plea for support.


Cheap Vi@gr@
Get H@rdr in 1 day
Please your Wom@n
Feel Like a Rock
Ads by Goggle

Nowadays, thanks to click fraud, savvy webmasters, Google and smarter fish, these practices have now been shunned in the favor of the ever innocuous embedded link. They morphed the worm into something more presentable and salacious. They turned it into worm fillet coated with sugar.

Some would tend to add more worms.
Some would add cream.

It's a frightening manipulation of our thoughts that it gets harder and harder for the fish to ascertain which one is genuine or not.

Will the Real Fat Wormy Please Stand Up  

It gets more complicated, since the fish are now smarter, they've had to use egg heads in fish clothing to tell the fish that they need those worms. These egg heads are the masters of sophistry. Apologizing in behalf of the worm and the fisherman.

So do you want a worm?

All fish want worms. It would be a lie if they told you that they didn't. They wouldn't be in an aquarium in the first place. Those which are in the ocean are very few and scanty. They watch with leery eyes the whole play that transpires before their eyes.

So which worm would you like to eat?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Matter of Great Importance

A pepperoni pizza.Image via Wikipedia
What is important?

Every day, we deal with waves of information and data ranging from the mundane to matters which are relevant to our lives. Along the way, we filter them out one by one and remove them like my kids would to pizza toppings.

The thing is, everybody thinks that they are important everyday. So much so that each one of us constructs our own virtual pulpits, stands on top of them (yes on top) and broadcast our messages without ever stopping and asking - is anyone listening at all? Whenever we get that affirmation, we raise our foreheads in sublime omniscience and pout our lips and think to ourselves, ah, I am important.

I have 5,000,000 followers on twitter and I have 3,000,000 likes on Facebook - that is an accurate barometer of my importance.

Perception is Key and the Medium is Paramount

As subsequent consumers and producers of content, we tend to take the pizza toppings that we like. Some like ham, some like pepperoni, I just like cheese.

We regurgitate them, and savor their essence and look to our bellies and say, 'Now that is important!'

But over the course of our meal, we tend to forget about everybody else. He is but a mere Janitor in a fast food chain, why should I like his message? I make $250,000, per annum after taxes, why oh why should I listen and take interest to the unimportant goings on in his or her life?

Do you see my important point?

It is a cold and uncaring world indeed. One filled with illusions and delusions that really are shadows hiding beneath that spotlight. It is, unfortunately, a necessary element to grab hold of the commodity called attention. (Think Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs)

And yes, in a world of scarce resources, commodity is often the perceived limitless black horse. That well spring of success and everlasting provenance of brightness. But it is not so.

It gets scarcer by the second and we all tend to forget that fact.

The Value of Time

You already know that your time is important. You are too busy because what you are doing is a matter of great import. You can't spare a second because you are on the verge of a multi million dollar deal. You are about to save a thousand souls out of perdition. You are going to bring forth immeasurable change in this world of ours which we, mortal and ordinary beings could not do - because we are simply unimportant.

Did that feel accurate?

If your answer is yes, then why don't you buy an expensive watch to let everybody know that your time is important.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Organic SEO

Just what exactly is Organic SEO? I really and honestly don't know. That's why I drop by every now and then to read up on the matter in Mark's blog
Organic SEO and SEM Blog
Personally, as a blogger, what I learned is that the less I think about SEO and the less that I do about it, the better returns (in traffic) that I actually get. I oftentimes see many bloggers (and big companies for that matter), who try too hard with regards to SEO and end up getting frustrated.

In my understanding, Organic SEO, is about doing SEO naturally, almost as if you're not doing it at all. It's like Kung Fu, where you are one with the wind, or whatever.

If you recall in this blog, there was a time in my life when I tried farming. Yeah, that made me lose a lot of weight in 3 weeks. I tried organic farming and now I have a few things to show for it. I'll take pictures when there's an opportune time.
Suffice to say that in Organic farming, you don't use chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers which can be detrimental to the soil.
Thus in this scheme, you let things flow as naturally as they can. You write good content, people link back to you. You comment in other blogs and show your genuine interest, you join a community of like-minded people and actually get interested in what they are doing and do your best to help them out. This is what Google intended and this is what this form of SEO is all about.

Compare this with competitive SEO and you have legions and legions of third world so called "SEO experts" all stuffing the Internet with SEOized articles. You should try going over to and see which websites do this.

What I like about Mark's style is that he lets things flow naturally. He doesn't hold back information and he tells us everything that he knows about the best practices in Organic SEO. If you want to learn more, you could find Mark over at

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How M.Night Shyamalan Committed Career Suicide

He made a terribly awful joke - which he dared call a movie called Avatar: The Last Airbender. Kids who loved the cartoons, including adults who still think that they're kids, are up in arms on facebook and on the entire Internet, demanding that the producers of the movie bad joke, to use the ticket sales to hire another director and make a remake - quickly before it tarnishes their memories.

io9 couldn't have said it better,

Shyamalan has boiled every epic heroic story of the past 20 years down to its most basic, primal soup-y essence, so he can spray it all over the audience, in a kind of Hero's-Journey bukkake. You will be finding chunks of Joseph Campbell's calcified spooge behind your ears for three days after watching this film, no matter how many times you bathe. 

Seriously, this blog isn't a movie review blog, but out of severe dismay and disappointment, I had to get this out of my system.

M.Night Shyamalan, I am never ever going to watch any of your movies again.

Oh, and by the way, there's a reason why they called the character General Zhou and not General Singh and Firelord Ozai and not Firelord Kupal!

The First Book You Bought Online?

I don't trust the Internet.

That's why I've limited my online purchases to entities I trust. Namely, Google and anything that's tightly integrated into it that you won't even notice that it's actually not a part of Google.

My first online purchase was this domain. I didn't use money from my bank account but rather used the earnings that I got as a freelance writer.

It's a good principle - spend money on where you got it.

After building up some confidence, I now knowthe right places to buy and the right things to spend on. I've decided to make my first online book purchase: Jay Berkowitz's book the Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing. 

All it would take for me, is to transfer my earnings from to my paypal account, then to my bank account.

Give or take, I might have that book in one or two weeks.

How about you? What's the first book you bought online?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Freelancer Did Not Get Paid

What? You did not get paid?

Well, me too. So, it's ok. Smile a little bit. I know you must be frustrated, but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Here's my story, maybe it might make you feel a little bit better.

On my spare time, I dabble a little bit with images and photoshop 7. I know, I know, it's a little bit outdated for 2010. But, I'm really a simple guy. Photoshop 7 has a simple interface which I can play around without having to read the user's manual or google a tutorial.

Anyway, I decided that maybe someone out there would like to pay me for some logo design work. It's a nice relaxing hobby which I turned into a profitable endeavor.

There are plenty of logo design clients on

Occasionally there would be those who would be reluctant to pay for artistic expression that they don't appreciate.

Anyway, I decided that I could also offer free logo design services.

Did I just say free?

Yep, you heard that right.

Some logos are downright easy to make and rather than doing nothing, I decided that I could also do this part time.

You usually see the professional logo designers charging upwards to the $100s of Dollars for one logo. That's right.

$100 above. (Of course on, you could always cheat a poor Filipino like me or an Indian and not pay them - this happens a lot)

Of course, if you're a part time freelancer like me and you did not get paid - you could always rant about it on  your blog. :)

Cheer Up Mate! 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Value of Content by Mitch Joel and Virtual Content Store

A few days after I've listened to Mitch Joel's SPOS Podcast Episode #211 where he "tackled the conversation over content and its value (re: pricing model) in our current society" among other things, an interesting announcement was made by is a virtual marketplace which offer virtual goods (hehe), such as images, graphics, music, and even programming code.

It takes paid content to a whole new level where people can independently purchase and sell these virtual goods. In my own opinion this is a great and logical step for the popular freelancing website where they could leverage their traffic.


First and foremost we are extremely excited to announce the launch of, which we aim to grow into the world's top marketplace
for virtual goods! Over the past month we’ve been testing the
Freemarket with a few thousands beta users and today we finally go
live with over 5000 items!

This new marketplace will allow any of our 1.7 million users to
upload and sell any and all of your virtual content to anyone in
the world.

Your Freelancer account is automatically linked to Freemarket, so
you'll automatically earn money into your Freelancer account when
items sell.

If you upload an item to the store which gets sold between now and
the 20th August 2010 you will win a special Foundation Merchant
insignia to add to your profile! So start stocking the virtual shelves
with all of your great logo designs, web templates, flash files,
scripts, 3D content, graphics, sound clips and more!

If you'd like to add a category, just send us a note at the helpdesk
in the Marketplace category. We've already had some great suggestions
about adding articles and database sections that we'll add shortly!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dream Helpers

Everybody has dreams.

Do you still remember the time when you sat under a tree and tried to paint with your fingers? You said, "I am going to paint the sky in all it's majesty and grandeur."

Or do you recall the time when you said that you're going to be a ballerina?

It seems that time has passed us and all those dreams have been swept away under a nice persian rug with a label:


So day in and day out, we cloud our minds with thoughts that pertain to that word. Reality.

"I am too short, therefore I won't become a basketball player."
"Simon Cowell says that my voice is terrible, therefore I won't become a singer."
"I can't become a painter because I have no talent and I have to work to feed my family."

As callous as it may sound, eventually, you will die without ever living your dream. In your death bed you'll lie down, thinking of what you could have done different. Then you'll convince yourself, that it was your dream to be a lawyer, it was your dream to be a businessman, it was your dream to be a stock broker or it was your dream to be a banker. Reality.

Because all your life, you've focused on one thing: pursuing your own dream. There comes a point, where these dreams are shattered or shackled beyond redemption. That is the time when you come face to face with that word: Reality.

"Does it have to be this way?" you ask.

All the options are out of the window, and all the doors are already closed.

But maybe, just maybe, inside that thick shell of yours you have a sliver of hope, a tiny ray of light, a small white dot in an ocean of black that says, "Dreams are Achievable".

Dreams can come true.

That's all great and well, if you can. But what if you really can't?

What if

What if you change your approach and help achieve dreams not for yourself, but for others. That's it.

Help Achieve Dreams for Others.

Just a thought.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pertinent News for the Web Entrepreneur

Investor's Business Daily - get the complete investing system for only $1.31 per issue.
1. Investors uneasy as Google costs rise (REUTERS)
Google Inc is pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into new businesses, but Wall Street is nervous about the ultimate payoff.
Investors sent Google shares down more than 6 percent on Friday, a day after the Internet search leader reported a surge in expenses during the second quarter that caused it to miss profit estimates.

But Jackson said he was confident that mobile would become a significant contributor to Google's financials in the long run, and that the mobile market was big enough for Google and Apple to prosper.

.CO Domains Now Available to the public at

2. Control games with the power of your mind (GamingBolt)
The recently unveiled Natal for the Xbox 360 will let gamers control what happens on-screen just by moving their body- but one company is going one step further, allowing you to control games simply with the power of your brain.
Mind control is a concept previously thought impossible, but technology design company Emotiv claim to have designed the worlds first headset that allows you to communicate your thoughts onto a games.

3. Is the Internet making us smart or stupid? (VentureBeat)
Image representing VentureBeat as depicted in ...Image via CrunchBase
1.    Our brains are plastic; they change based on how we use them
2.    Today, we are increasingly using our brains for shallow online skimming rather than deep reading
3.    The parts of our brain that are good at multi-tasking, skimming and surveying are getting stronger (he calls this the “juggler” brain)
4.    The parts of our brain that we use for deep, immersive book reading are getting weaker, and the corresponding neural resources getting redirected
5.    As a result, we are changing, and on the whole, getting stupider.

4. Increased worker productivity has destroyed millions of jobs (Mark Perry)
U.S. Manufacturing output has more than doubled since 1975 (data here) while manufacturing employment has decreased by about 8 million jobs (data here), resulting in more than a three-fold increase in worker productivity (output per worker) since the 1970s.  Therefore, it's the dramatic increase in the productivity of American workers that helps explain the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs, and this a a cause for optimism, not pessimism, as Don points out. 

5. Best places for the rich and single (Money CNN)
We're not saying you're a gold digger. But you could follow the money to these 25 affluent cities, where singles are abundant.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Presentist - by Mitch Joel

Please don't treat my second statement as an excuse but as a disclaimer. I'm not feeling well and I believe that my mental faculties are being affected by this. 

I write in reaction to a great post by an admirable thinker, Mitch Joel about Presentists.

The blog post encouraged people to become more like Presentists than Futurists. 

Some questions he asked:

1. Does your website really live up to (and deliver on) everything you're doing on YouTube or Facebook?
No. I am guilty of using facebook primarily for personal reasons.

2. Are you really in touch with who is connected to you (instead of how many people)? 
I can answer this with a definite Yes!

3. Are you engaged and connected to your community in their channels, or are you still trying to drag everyone over to your own pages?
I am joining a lot of communities in different niches.

4. When someone does a search for you, your competitor or has a question that your products and services can answer, how great are you at helping them to find you (or better yet, if it's not the right fit do you happily refer them to someone who can help them)? 
Whew, Mitch, that was hard to understand. But yes, I do this a lot.

5. Are your platforms open? Do you allow people to share, comment and create content with your brand and for your brand?
Not at this point no or it may not be applicable.

6. Can people say anything they want about your products and services on your website?

It's a classic business model: brand misses the Internet wave, so instead of starting slowly now and engaging, they feel they may be best served by waiting on the sidelines for the next wave to hit. They mistaken the complete shifting of our world for a fad instead of what it truly is: a fundamental shift in how people are connected, consuming and creating media. The opportunity is still here for you to be present. Become a Presentist.
So, where is all of this going? Who knows and who cares

I care.  

Despite the pain that I am feeling, I still look forward to the future for all its hopes and promises. What is the present but a continuous movement of the NOW?

What is the NOW?

It is the coming of tomorrow, the movement of the hand, the changing of a digit, the turning of a calendar. It is a continuous stream of everlasting futures that have arrived.

If my weakened mental faculties still serve me well, I understand that Mitch's pragmatic approach to the present as a focus on "conditions" is what he was advocating. Hence, be a presentist rather than a futurist.

My reply,

One must note however that the lure of the present is not as powerful as the lure of the future. We have always been enthralled about the things that we don't know rather than the things that we already know (and maybe, want to forget)
In fact, I'll go out of my way to say that being a futurist treads the fine line between a "visionary" and an "escapist".
Some people, (including me sometimes) focus on the future for its promises and hopes. The present, as dreary, as wonderful or as exciting as can be, would always be a focus on a condition. That's why we don't use the terms "future condition". But we say "present condition."
That's my diagnosis on why a majority of people tend to be futurists. Even Google is guilty of this sometimes, in that they recently acquired a company which claims to predict the future - (See Recorded Future)
Having said that, I will now "try" to apply a balance between the Presentist and Futurist frame of mind, in my hope that I could gaze at the stars while keeping my feet planted on the ground.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I remembered a lesser man, who said with a booming voice that he was going to "dominate the world". The greater man came to him, and said, why "you don't even have enough power to dominate this room." . There were only two of them in the same room.

So goes another treatment on that word called "influence".

Who "influences" your thoughts? Who can make you do things you would otherwise NOT do?

Two men have sworn that they would kill and die for me. 

Would they really?

The power to compel is a fleeting one. One that aligns itself with notions of self preservation. It is a dynamic that is not cast in stone and mired with myopic vision. For some, the illusion and the delusion is so powerful that they could sway whole nations and command armies to lay their lives on the battlefield.

The lure of power and influence does not only transpire in the real world. It also appears in the virtual world. Where there is a consciousness that beckons with the allure of power and fortune, so does come the delusion that must be fueled by it.

I have no influence and I prefer it that way. 

Lest I be tempted to claim the contrary, let me douse you and myself with freezing water to wake us from the hypnotizing gaze of this parallel reality.

I would prefer that reason and rationality take center stage rather than a cause, a personality, or worst - a thing.

Free yourself from the shackles of limited thinking. Yes, there are causes to be picked up, but do pick them up using rationality and reason. Do not pick them up simply because of influence.

Who is he? Why he is so and so, and he did so and so, and he has so and so followers and he knows so and so.

Who am I? Why I am nobody. I am just like everybody else who wishes to eke out a thing or two in this fascinating accumulation and representation of thought that we call the Internet.  

Alas, this is a battle that cannot be won. The mere mention of certain words titillates.

Plus Millions. 
Head of.
Hundreds of Thousands. 

The illusion is a lure.

Were it not for the platform, all would be standing on equal footing.

So, why this? Why the obsession with that silly word?

Because it is intoxicating.

An Interesting Proposition

Make a promise to promote other people and other websites. 

Do so in a grand manner, with the enthusiasm that you would do to promote your own website and your own endeavor. 

Do it in your blogs, in forums, in comments, in facebook, in twitter and in any other way that you could. 

Don't ask for anything in return. 

Reject offers to compensate you. 

Be happy for the simple fact that you've raised somebody else.

Watch them shine. Watch them succeed. 

Forget getting the credit for all of these. 

You'll be unknown and anonymous, maybe for life. Maybe forever. 

But deep within you'll be singing a song aside from Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up" 

You'll be singing the song by Jim Papoulis: We Will Lift You Up. 

You'll feel better about yourself.


On my part, I will be promoting a friend's endeavor, Gabriel Avalos. I've met him at the Internet Marketing Club. They have a new service called iZigg, a mobile media marketing platform. Simply put, the service connects businesses with their customers

I'll make it better, "The platform enables you to build and nurture relationships with your partners"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Random URL of the Day

The random URL I thought of today is:

I was thinking of a website where people could share their dreams and maybe help other people achieve theirs. It was a disappointment to see that it was another marketing outfit. Perhaps this one's into MLM. Or maybe, this one's part of a corporate presentation where the manager is instilling some "dreaming" juice for his employees.

After watching the flash presentation, all you'll get is the option to repeat the silly movie.

Having searched on Google, you'll find that this isn't the only website with the words "dreambig" on it.,, and even a All of which are terrible sounding domain names.

"Share Your Dreams"

I next did a search for the phrase "Share Your Dreams". Number one on the list, is A site where you  literally try to find meanings to your dreams (when you are asleep).

This is not the kind of dream that I was thinking of.

My idea centers on aspirations and achievable dreams.

The rest of the search results turned up with websites that have pretty much the same theme as the website described above.

P.S. I think I ate something, I am over blogging today. I've made about 10 posts already.

Professionals Are...

What is a professional?

I remember the times when I'd play an online game and then hear somebody say "I'm a PRO".  I'd respond with, "That's Great! How much money do you make playing?"

"I don't get paid."

Anyway, this topic is a nonchalant jibe to all those who are taking themselves way too seriously. A professional is someone who gets paid.

Examples are: a professional plumber, a professional gambler (Jason Calacanis), a professional speaker, etc.

Recently I've embarked on a quest of personal epiphany and that is - I promised myself that I would comment on other people's blogs as coherently as I could. Given my level of understanding, my world view and my interpretation of things and limitations, I figured that it was time for me to get out of my ivory tower - which is this blog (and non impressive as it is) to try to understand people more.

Let's face it. I live in a place that's about a few pixels away from being a jungle and I don't get to interact that much with people. That said, I'll still try to be as civilized as I can and hopefully start up a conversation over coffee.

I'd really like that.

Let's see how this mini social experiment goes.

I remember a person, who got so annoyed with another person, that he said, "I will pay you to stop talking".
Now what's the other person called? A Professional Non Speaker?

Cutthroat Competition in Freelance

The flattening of the world has an unintended consequence for those seeking to earn money online: It has brought the prices for articles to extremely low levels.

Internet Marketing professionals recommended freelance services in websites such as Elance, or oDesk. There you'll get the chance to hire somebody in the Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal and India to work for you for $5.

Unfortunately or furtunately (depending on which side of the globe you're on), prices are steadily going down. That's the major reason why I decided to focus on other activities aside from freelance writing.

Now you can even find article writers who will be willing to work for $0.75 cents per 300 words. That's dirt cheap. It seems that the outsourcers have the upper hand on this one and we'll be seeing more and more freelancers working for maybe even $0.10 cents a pop.

Freelance Writing Services Prices are Going Down. Way Down.
Alas, these prices are still within the acceptable levels of pricing. What one can expect is a further deterioration of the quality and the pricing of the services offered.

That's good for the majority of Internet Marketers out there who earn big returns from the work of freelance writers.

That's acceptable for the legions of legions of people who live in developing countries who earn less than $5 USD a day.

Looking to the future, this trend is unstoppable due to the inherent dynamism of this thing we call the Free Market. We can expect more and more cheap services from developing nations and more Internet Marketers in the first world.

For me, it's time to evolve.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

StarCraft II Beta Tournament

Watch Live (If you can) Live TV : Ustream

Google Entering the Gaming Market


Quite an exciting Google news on a Sunday morning.

Call me silly. But I've been rooting for this for the last two years. Google tried it for a while only to pull the plug before it even materialized.

Pardon me for the foolish articles - I was two years younger then, excited at the prospect that I can predict what Google would do. 

No, I am not claiming to be Danny the Google Nostradamus, I merely speculated on how Google would move if I were in the privileged position of having the world's number one search engine and revenue maker.

That said, that won't ever happen.

Zynga is an excellent investment for Google or for anybody for that matter.

In my own humble opinion,I think it may be too little and too late for the web search giant to enter the gaming market. But if they just want to be in it for finding lost Bessie's or planting strawberry patches, I guess that would do pig, that would do.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Stop Talking About Yourself

Stop Talking About Yourself

(Click Picture to Listen)

Very insightful piece from speakers such as David Meerman Scott, Anne Holland, Mike Volpe, Michael Port, Liz Strauss, Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki, Mike Volpe, Michael Port, Liz Strauss, Carol Roth, Scott Porad (I can Haz Cheezburger), Joe Pulizzi, Laurel Touby, Hugh MacLeod, Chris Guillebeau, Laura Roeder, Michael Margolis, Dave Navarro, Loren Feldman, Ann Handley, Jim Kukral, Joselin Mane, John Jantsch, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Shama Kabani, Terry Starbucker, Johnny B. Truant, Jason Falls, Robbin Phillips, Yaro Starak, Michael Stelzner, Erica OGrady, Gary Vaynerchuk, Nathan Hangen, Danielle LaPorte, Guy Kawasaki, David Bullock, Vanessa Fox, Lewis Howes, Valeria Maltoni, Sergio Balegno, Hank Wasiak, Mitch Joel, Tamsen McMahon, Justin Levy, Chris Garrett, Cathy Brooks, Todd Defren, Brian Clark, Brian Clark, Wendy Piersall, Mark Silver, Dan Schawbel, Shashi Bellamkonda, Gretchen Rubin, Muhammad Saleem, Aaron Kahlow, Alexandra Levit, Steve Woodruff, David Siteman Garland, Amber Naslund, Julien Smith and Brian Solis.

Transcript here.

Free Mini Jedi Starfighter Lego

Free Lego.

Need I say more?

For a limited time, Entertainment Earth will be giving away free LEGO sets with every in-stock LEGO order of $30 or more.

The promo runs between July 8, 2010 and August 6, 2010 or while supplies last, so getting the word out early is key.

Free LEGO Offer

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Awesome Webinar By Jay Berkowitz

I just attended Jay Berkowitz's Ten Things Every Executive Needs to Know to Generate Business on the Internet using GotoMeeting. It was awesome! The software worked flawlessly and all I had to do was sit back, listen and have a sip of coffee.

You'll actually have the feeling that you are attending a real seminar except that you don't get to see who's beside you.

It's as if you are sharing the monitor that the speaker is using. So, in a way, we really are connected.

Jay mentioned several things, which I took note of below.

Screen cap of Jay showing an example of a YouTube

Last week I wasn't able to attend because of a power failure here so I made sure that I attended this one.

* The thing that really got my attention was the Unique Value Proposition or the UVP. Jay mentioned that in order for Internet Marketers to convince potential clients to "take action" on their websites, they must offer something for free. It could be a newsletter with helpful industry tips, it could be a product trial or it could even be service.

His description was that this was the virtual social handshake.

Here are my notes. They are a little messy since it's 2:00 AM here.

1. John Wanamaker
"I know half of my advertising is wasted... i just dont know which half"

-measure roi to the penny
-google ppc
-daily budget
-not about how many people click on your ad.
-but how many people bought something - took an action. eg. signed up for something

-conversion action

CPC - cost per conversion

target advertising google
----google checkout.
using Googles checkout to purchase software.

"dynamic keyword insertion"
Phone number trick
-inserts phone number in the ad

landing pages

- so much copy

--landing page - which page they see first on the website


--color schemes

--form on the right hand of the page

2. how you perform vs a competitor

Use tools

- Seo Quake Toolbar... Page Ranking.

- More pages... google indexes more

- Unique page for every product.


- spyfu

- blended search

- use linkedin

3. all kinds of business - small, medium and large
4. Always a time to learn about these things
5. Internet advertising is not expensive

100 billion searches every month

--72% prefer left side
--how do you make an indent?
--google keyword tool
--wordtracker. keyword discovery
--link popularity

6. build lists - give something for free

7. Not to late to learn this internet stuff

8. Blogs

9. Find people

10. A website is a lead magnet

Monday, July 05, 2010

A Time to Kill..Your Web Analytics

Mitch Joel of Six Pixels of Separation has a very enlightening proposition: Kill your web analytics to stoke tension.

An excerpt:

There's no denying it, running any sort of Digital Marketing initiative without some component of a web analytics tool is akin to driving with your eyes closed. That being said, we're starting to see more and more instances when killing your web analytics may be the smartest thing you can do.

Like in real life, tenacity is brought about by hunger. This hunger is fed by fear. And fear comes from the unknown.

Without the comfort of knowing that you are doing well in your campaign you are faced with one choice and one choice alone: to do more.

It is very much akin to blindfolding yourself while you use chopsticks to catch flies or closing your eyes while the breeze of the sea foretells the impending tsunami.

Julien Smith, tells us that we need tension. I believe him. I've been there. I still have it.

He said,

When you start nowhere, you have nothing to lose. When you get rich and famous, you go on defense and, next thing you know, you’ve lost your way. You don’t produce relevant work any more because your purpose is to defend what you’ve built and avoid to mistakes.

In my opinion, it is inevitable to go on the defense once you've reached a certain acceptable level of "perceived achievement". It is instinctive, it is protective and it is defensive.

Personally, my own self perceived level of success  barely scratched the surface when compared to their level of success. I'm still at that stage where I am running from that invisible monster called fear. I am still hungry as a dog, rabid in the deprivation. Absent the attainment of my perceived level of success, I will continue to find that quintessential and elusive goal.

My family's future depends on it.

Mitch Joel makes it clear that he doesn't necessarily mean that we'd have to totally remove the analytics software we have installed. What he could mean is to totally remove the accompanying emotions that comes along with it.

It's a good thing he mentioned that, because the blogger platform just included a built in tool for traffic analysis...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

My Letter to You

am thinking along the same lines. But I am not giving up on blogging. 

I am an intensely one minded person (my wife insists on this) that's why I don't stop until I am really burnt out when I focus on something. 

In the end, whatever you decide, don't get frustrated. We're not famous yet. I think that's the vital factor. Once we actually create something of far more value than a blog -

that's the time when our blogs would reach a certain significance. 

People don't listen to us because we're NOBODIES. No matter how informative and useful our posts - we're just another blog schmoe out of a billion. Besides the SEOs will definitely beat us. I don't care. 

They don't produce anything at all. I mean what would they tell their kids? "Oh look son! I made it to the top of the Google Search Rankings and that gave me a Billion views in one day, that's how daddy makes money!" 

We have to create something that's so extra special that once people notice it, they'll then become curious of how we think. Then they'll read our blogs. 

That's how we start following people in the first place - we think about ourselves first! 

We follow certain people because we want to know how their minds work because they've made something so beautiful that we think that if we read their blogs - we'll gain from it.

We don't read CNN or the Huffington Post because they're darn good at SEO! (I know they're not blogs)

That's the clinching factor in my opinion. 

For example, I follow a certain internet marketing strategist because he's not like the other marketers out there. The people he interviews in his podcasts are the who's who in the marketing world. 

I follow you because you are pure of heart.

We're running out of time because by the time we're 30. It would no longer be cool. Look at Taylor Hicks of American Idol. (I don't think you know him) But he's 30 something and won in American Idol I think some two seasons ago. 

Even though he already won, he doesn't have that cool factor anymore - because he's reached that damned age. People like young startups - because kids don't care! 

They don't care what people think so they just do what they want to do and they know that what they will do will benefit people - some of them succeed like Zuckerberg (stole idea of facebook) and Bill Gates (didn't even have the software when he approached Big Blue and was envied and hated by those who weren't able to do what he did).

Statistical probability says that you and I will never be Zuckerbergs or Bill Gates. But we can at least try to make something that a lot of people can use before we turn 30. 

When we launch our very useful thing, that's the time people will read our blogs. 

Friday, July 02, 2010

Digg Alpha Video

When I woke up, you guys fell asleep.

new digg vs old digg
Cleaner and Faster.
I checked my email and lo and behold I got an email saying that I got an invite to test out the New Digg.


I was a little bit suspicious at first, owing to the fact that the domain wasn't familiar. It was

Anyway after the second email, I contacted digg support and they replied that it was cool and awesome. So I jumped right in to access Kevin Rose's Spankin New "Biotch" (His words)

I digg. I digg.

Second order of the day was to find Digg people to follow. Kevin Rose, Leo Laporte, Mashable, Wired, Ars Technica, FunnyorDie (hehe), Revision3, so many people to follow.

Next they made me go Facebook, Twitter or Google? Facebook, Twitter or Google? Facebook, Twitter or Google?


I got a few errors there. So like the hardy alpha tester that I am, I clicked on the Next button without a care as to what would happen next.

First Impressions:

1. It's snappy fast.
2. Easier navigation through bigger tabs and fonts
3. Less clutter

Podsafe Music by
Band: Europa
Song: Filthy Feathers

ntertainment Earth!  Have Fun, Be Fun.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Brownouts, Fireflies, and Fate

Here in the Philippines we call power interruptions, brownouts or blackouts. We've been having them regularly for the past few months because of infrastructure problems and the rising cost of electricity in this region. Add to that the fact that I practically live in the forest and you can expect them quite a lot.

Yesterday, I was so excited to attend a webinar that was supposed to be the first I ever attended in my life. I waited for 6 hours (in Philippine time 6:30 PM to 12:30 AM). 

I have MS notepad open, Chromium, MSPaint for the screenshots and I have the web conferencing service GoToMeeting, ready for the big countdown to 12:30. 

While I waited, I watched Jason Calacanis' show "This Week in Startups" where he talked about ngmoco, a game company that's bound to become the Farmville for the iPad.

The show began on time and I hastily made some notes.

Call me old fashioned or whatever but I was really happy because TenGoldenRules CEO Jay Berkowitz mentioned my name in the show and welcomed me along with several other new members of the Internet Marketing Club. I'm 28, and I was practically born in the same year Bill Gates founded Microsoft but I still haven't had the experience of actually interacting via audio with a person who I practically listen to everyday on a podcast. (Sorry for the long sentence) 

He also greeted the birthday people and then proceeded with the show. 

I only got to strategy number one of the 10 Strategies to Stay on the Cutting Edge, which was twitter. I must say that I perfectly agree with him. In fact, I built two websites around it, namely and    

That's When the Power Went Out

Everything was pitch black you'd think you were in a horror movie. I sat there in the dark staring at where my monitor was supposed to be - perhaps waiting for it to turn back on. I sat for a full 5 minutes before finally accepting that I won't be able to attend the webinar anymore. 
Then the fireflies came. It would have been nice if I was able to take pictures of the fireflies. But I don't think that's possible. First it was pitch dark, second I don't think my China made digital camera would have been able to perform with that lighting condition (or the lack of).   
I checked on my kids and went out of the room and sighed. I remembered the times when I was still working in the financial district of my country, Makati City. To get there I've had to commute and transfer vehicles 4 times. 

I also remembered peculiar moments when it would rain. What's peculiar about it was that it would rain whenever I was outside of a vehicle and it would stop raining whenever I was inside. In that way, I always got wet on my way to work. 

Anyway, the webinars that Jay holds are done on a weekly basis so I am looking forward to attending another one next Wednesday.