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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project: Storage Area


Move my family to servants quarters/office and vacate main house.


We've been living in the main house for a whole year now and have used the office/servant's quarters for a temporary storage. The main house is the only facility capable of being used as a reception/coffee shop/hotel. It has two rooms and two bathrooms.

If we can transfer the equipment from the servants quarters to the storage facility.
We can then move to the servants quarters after it has been treated and cleaned.

Project Details
    • 500 pieces of hollow blocks = PHP 6 x 500 = PHP 3,000
    • 8 pcs 10 foot long corrugated sheets (yero, or roofing) = Price unknown
    • 20 pcs 10 mm metal rods = Price unknown
    • 20 bags of cement = Price Unknown
    • 1 Kilo metal wire (alambre) = Price Unknown
    • 2 Kilos 2 Inch nails = Price Unknown
    • 2 Kilos 4 Inch nails = Price Unknown
    • 2 pcs. 14x26 GI Sheet (Palupo) = Price Unknown
    • 1 Elf Truck of Sand to Mix with the Cement = Price Unknown
    • 8 pcs 2x4x10 Coco Lumber = Price Unknown
    • 1 pc. 2x6x9 Coco Lumber = Price Unknown
    • 10 pcs. 2x2x14 Coco Lumber = Price Unknown
        • 1 Carpenter at PHP 400 a Day / $10 a Day
        • 1 Carpenter Helper at PHP 250 a Day / $5.51 a Day
          Estimated Project Duration and Labor Cost
            • 2 to 3 Weeks = 15 days x PHP 650 = PHP 9,750

              Carpenters that I have spoken to are Kanoto and Ka Martin has referred a certain Lito. Project Management is difficult because 1. I am not an engineer 2. Trickery that is involved.


              1. Normally, the rule of thumb is = multiply estimated expenses by 3 to ensure that the funds are appropriate. 
              2. Project could be approached on a piecemeal basis. 
              3. Buy 1/3 of materials and do labor 1/3 of the time.
              4. Get the current prices for each individual item.

              Execution: Sept 14, 2010. Pending Vote 

              Monday, August 30, 2010

              Broke But Alive!

              The Resort Manager is broke. No Cash. I've got exactly $3.00 in my pocket personal funds. Awesome huh?

              I need to do the following: 

              1. Find freelance work and earn money online.
              2. Create crude map of the garden -  hire a professional later!
              3. Take Pictures
              4. Move TODO List to TAB
              5. Add
              6. Add

              Friday, August 27, 2010

              Ta Da!

              FAQ - Nothing is Absolute!

              1. Ok, what's this blog all about?

              It's the first step to a project that I hope, will stop being a blog and become a full blown online crowd sourced game based on reality if it gains traction.

              2. What kind of game?

              Ok, here's how it goes. Our family has an unoperational resort. Meaning we're not open to the public. We're not generating income and it's slowly getting ugly. In short I am broke but have land.


              a. I will post videos and pictures of the location.
              b. I will post what's happening
              c. I will post what needs to be done
              d. I will post a budget of the things that can be done within MY budget
              f. I will post pictures and videos of the thing that you voted on
              g. The goal is to either sell it or to open it to the public - tentative goal is within March to May 2011.

              3. Sounds like a real farm ville...Really?

              Yes. Yes and Yes! But only for a resort.

              4. Sounds great - are you going to ask money from us?

              Nope. But I'm thinking of letting people donate - Working on this idea.

              5. What's in it for me?


              6. Ooh! Ooh! Can I go?

              Sure, you can visit us :)

              7. Who are you?

              I am who I am because of who we all are

              1. Help me find a good keyword domain for the home of this site, I can use the Adsense or affiliate income from the online traffic.
              • Preferably with the word ville., and has been taken, so I'm using Google Keyword Tool External to find the next appropriate one.
              2. List down more things to do here in the resort
              3. List down the funds available
              4. Pictures
              5. Fix digicam - Pictures only for now
              6. Put Paypal donate button

              Thursday, August 26, 2010

              Hostage in the Philippines

              Hostage in the Philippines
              by: Daniel Andrei R. Garcia

              I am a hostage in the Philippines,
              captured by its beauty, warmth and people

              philippine hostage

              Land of the peaceful and God fearing, 
              Emblazoned on the wings of an eagle

              hostage Philippines

              Marvelous in resplendent glory, 
              Amiable, respectful and hospitable

              Held Hostage in the Philippines

              Truly, God has blessed us, 
              with a nation this wonderful

              Tragedy befell when we have ceased to believe,
              but now the phoenix has awakened in its brilliant slumber

              To thee I ask, which other nation is worth living for?

              Where art though, but here at home, 
              Watching the mayas and the pigeons crow

              Alas, my heart has been held hostage, 
              No longer will I desire for greener pastures other than yours

              They scoff, laugh and jeer at thee, 
              Yet this I say with wanton glee

              To you my heart will be, 
              my Philippines, my Nation.

              Copyright 2010. Daniel Andrei R. Garcia
              Pictures owned by their respective owners. 

              6 Tips on How Bloggers Can Help Tourism in the Philippines

              You might not know it, but the Philippines is the SEO Capital of the World. We have the best and the most highly skilled SEO experts around. As a freelance writer, I can strongly attest to this because we have ProBloggers earning double and even quadruple digits from their adsense earnings on a daily basis. That's only the visible parts.

              It is with this premise that I would like to propose that bloggers and SEO practitioners do their part in helping our fellowmen who are in the hospitality and tourism industry by injecting some positivity in the matter.

              The truth is good - but most of the time, negative truth gets the limelight. I'm not suggesting that we cover up the truth - most of us have already done an extremely good job at magnifying it. What I am suggesting is that we focus on the rebuilding efforts through these tips:

              1. Focus on the positive things that our government is doing in order to remedy, improve and make the situation better.

              2. Blog about the positive concrete steps that our nation is taking to make the situation better.

              3. Focus on infrastructure. Every day, there is a new project that is launched, a new livelihood program started,  a new hobby that is created, a new helpful and positive thing that's not covered by the media. Blog on it like your life depended on it

              4. Keywords. Remember that the prevailing keywords right now are: Philippine Hostage Crisis, Philippine Hostage Video, Philippine Hostages, Tourism Philippines, Blacklist Philippines, Quirino Massacre - use your imagination and focus on these keywords when you blog or write - and then write something good.

              5. Accept and write about the truth but provide positive sounding solutions. Let's not focus on negativity and blame. Don't use the word "should". Find sentences with the word "will", "is going to", "is doing", "will be" - think concrete, finished, future, possibilities, doable and positive.

              6. Images count a lot. So make sure that when you write your blog posts - put some imagery of our best. No more pictures of the bus please.

              Our country and its people are beautiful, kind hearted and peaceful. Let's make sure that we build this sentiment up while still accepting our own failures. The good thing about this really is that this event, though tragic and disheartening, may still be a teachable moment to the rest of us who are still here.

              With this note, let us shine forth and show the world the best that we can be.

              Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.  

              P.S. If you have tips of your own please do share in the comments section. Every little bit counts.

              Why Tourism Will Still Be Strong in the Philippines

              The recent and isolated incident in Manila concerning Hong Kong tourists and the subsequent travel advisories that followed have at least pointed to one incontrovertible fact, that we should not let our fears guide us.

              Sunrise in Manila Bay
              I am in the hospitality and tourism business regardless of the fact that our resort is not operational, mainly because my mindset is focused towards that goal.

              If we were open to the public right now, I would still not be taken aback by the news "reported" by all the doomsayers pretending to be "journalists".

              Why? Because 500 does not make up the tourism industry.

              I believe that Hong Kong will eventually have to rescind its blacklisting of the Philippines:

              1. Upon the guarantee that our nation can provide security and safety to our guests.

              • By retraining the police force (We could ask the Hong Kong police force to retrain our SWAT personnel if they would like)
              • By accepting our own (whole departments included) mistakes in the dilemma
              • By drafting implementing guidelines concerning the protection and movement of tourists. (No hitchhiking cops on tourist buses please.)

              2. After the natural passage of time, be it months or years - it will happen, just as the American economy will rebound, just as Japan recovered from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear attacks and became an economic powerhouse, just as everything terrible in this world eventually changes. Like they said, "it's only a matter of time" - hopefully, it would be sooner.

              3. By sheer necessity.

              Who are your average tourists? In my own personal observation, these are usually Caucasian men from America, Europe and Australia that have Filipina wives who have family here. This segment is important because no amount of travel advisories will deter this particular demographic from going to the Philippines.

              MORE SOLUTIONS

              1. The best solution that one can think of, would simply point to ourselves. DOMESTIC TOURISM accounts for 16 Million Arrivals per year. 

              The understate secretary also declared to a reporter from The Pinoy News portal, that domestic tourism generates 16 million tourist arrivals per year. Combining both would then give a total of 19 million tourist arrivals per year.
              “In fact, domestic tourism offers the biggest hope for the country to keep not just the industry but the economy alive,” said Robert Lim Joseph, chairman emeritus of the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (Naitas)."
              SOURCE: The Philippine Star

              2. OFWs and Balikbayans 

              Filipino overseas workers could constitute a significant part of the booming domestic tourism that has been given a big boost by improved infrastructures in the Philippine countryside.
              SOURCE: Philippine Daily Inquirer

              At the end of the day, yes we will be happy and thankful  if those travel advisories will be adjusted as soon as possible. I am sure that the current administration is doing all that it can to ensure this.

              Yet at the same time, I firmly believe that the Tourism Industry in the Philippines will remain strong because Kaya Natin to.

              Sunrise in Boracay

              As much as some people would like to point out that We are the problem, by all means 

              We are also the Solution to our problems

              Saturday, August 21, 2010

              The Word "Should"

              Oftentimes, political writers, commentators and pundits use the word "should" in a way that confounds, irritates and quite possibly gets ignored by the people who "could". 

              Would you listen if people who would've known little or none at all tell you the things that you should do?

              [Blank] should do [Blank] because [Yada, Yada, Yada]

              Sadly, this is how political commentary all over the world is often made. It doesn't matter whether it's about ducks drenched in grime and grease, or people wallowing in grime and grease, the word should is over-esteemed. 

              Even children don't listen to it

              You should pick up your clothes and put them in the laundry basket. 

              "But...... Mom!"

              Imagine if you are relaying your "Should Manifesto"  to a bunch of pointy nosed, thick skulled and egotistic individuals. The results could very well be similar. 

              In an age where everybody seems to be jumping on the "Everybody is my boss" nonsense, the word should  is given an identity that goes beyond it's capability. 

              A Solution

              The solution is in the acceptance that things "ARE". Though we often aspire for SHOULD BE, coming to terms with THEY ARE, gives us the freedom to go beyond the limitations that are all too often self imposed. 

              Things ARE, and deep in your mind lies a hankering for SHOULD BE, but THROUGH THIS, they WILL BE

              Execution is key. 

              The process is tedious, but with great and well thought out effort come great results. 

              By then, precious time is saved by not clamoring for something that ISN'T

              It's very easy to be bound by the enslavement wrought about by the word "SHOULD".

              For now, let us reserve it to those who COULD and do it as we WOULD given our limitations.  

              Tuesday, August 17, 2010

              How's Life?

              It seems that eons have passed since I last wrote about making a conscious decision about changing my life. Fast forward to the present and what I have is a combination of two different worlds. Both of which, I am tied to.

              It's amazing nonetheless to be brought back to where I came from - in front of a computer. As it is, I am spending more than 12 hours a day in front of it much to the consternation of my facebook friends who've had to bear with my incessant posting and reposting.

              But life is not all the same. I now live in the family resort simply because we cannot leave it as it is. Maintaining it is a difficult task that requires micro managing to the fullest. Aside from the passive income that I generate through the family business I also write as a ghost blogger, article spinner, freelance writer, copywriter and whatever you want to call it these days.

              Life is.

              In spite of all the difficulties I've managed to cling on to something that I know is immutable. This gives me the strength to carry on and work for more than 12 hours a day, this gives me the strength to go to my hometown to oversee the building every now and then. This gives me the hope, that someday, things will be easier.

              It's amazing that I am now exactly where I wanted to be.

              Yes, but the irony of wanting to leap further astounds me even more.

              Maybe, it's because of boredom or maybe it is the hardships of other people that drives me to get better at what I do.

              Monday, August 16, 2010

              The Reckoning

              I was working for my father as a humbly janitor and a computer encoder. It was a summer job that my father wanted me to take. He was the President of a T-Shirt company that provided the blank shirts that Bench and Penshoppe used back in the 90s.

              I was happily making sure that the floors were tidy when one of the other employees told me that my father wanted me to go to his office.

              "Oh man", I thought to myself as I climbed up the stairs.

              RCG, as he was known by his peers was not always in a good mood and if he asked somebody to go and bring you to him, it could mean either of two things: you're in trouble or......

              You're in trouble.

              Nevertheless, I came to his office expecting the worst.

              Two people who looked sharply dressed, sat beside each other from across my dad's desk. They were smiling from ear to ear as they looked at me.

              "Government people," I thought to myself.

              My father looked stern while he stared at me.

              I tried to keep a poker face as he beckoned for me to sit across the two men. I sat and looked at my dad and said, "Yup?"

              He ignored me as he looked at the two smiling goons.

              He then calmly said in a measured tone, "Tell me what you've told me before and say it in front of my son."

              The two goons, shifted their weight as they struggled to find the words. One was obviously nervous as he dropped his ballpen on the floor. I was 16 and I never really can recall what they said but it goes like, "Building permit, fire permit, violation, fire extinguisher, cheaper, no problem, we'll take care of it."

              I didn't know why my dad needed me there.

              My father took a deep breath and asked the two men, "How much would it take to pay the right amount including the penalties in order to secure the permit?"

              The two men relaxed a bit, and one of them then started enumerating various fees and payments as his shaking hand put a semi crumpled piece of paper on my father's desk.

              He was reciting like a third grader.

              My father's eyes grew narrower as the man got the list and pointed each and every item as he recited them. When I heard the man say "____ hundred thousand", I nearly jumped out of my seat when my dad suddenly growled and said,

              "We will pay the appropriate amount that's been designated."

              The two men looked at each other in befuddlement as if they weren't expecting this.

              One of them nervously smiled as he pleaded, "But sir, think about the savings you will get, if you simply buy the fire extinguishers!"

              With a booming voice, my dad then said, "Then we'll buy the fire extinguishers too if that will make you happy."

              I can feel the defiance and the authority that my father's voice commanded.

              Then he added, "You will get what you want. However, know this. That after you get the money, when you go home to your family from work, and you look into the eyes of your own children as they eat. - 
              You will remember my son as he watched you say what you just said. And then you will ask yourselves, 'What am I feeding my children?'

              It was a long time ago, but I vividly remember as the two men walked outside with heads held low. Now, my father is gone and I now have a son of my own.

              I am praying that I will have his fortitude and strength to deal with these kind of people.

              Sunday, August 15, 2010

              On My Spirituality and God

              For most people, it is a journey that's not often rational. For some, it is perfectly logical - scientific even. I'm not going in that direction.

              Faith "is".

              God is not about religion. It is about where you stand in life.

              That's what I believe.

              Ask yourself these questions:

              1. If you don't believe in God, who or what do you believe in?

              Science, technology, Tony Robbins, etc? The most likely tendency is to not believe in anything - but yourself.

              Take this into context.

              Believing in yourself is good, but believing that you are the master of your destiny is a different thing.

              2. Who or What do you want your children to believe in?
              Tony Robbins? He is finite.
              You? You are finite.


              ...Is simply our knowledge of the finite things that we can observe. It is empirical and never metaphysical though its segments may be so. It relies on experience and observation. By embracing our knowledge of the finite things we are in essence embracing finitude as an end all, be all solution.

              It is a finite solution to an infinite Universe.

              Some may argue that it is logical and therefore the best solution.

              Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you will die

              People who usually hold this approach in life, ironically, get to become misers because their pursuit for pleasure almost always end up in the untempered desire for more. More gratification, more pleasure, more pain, more money, more knowledge, etc. You'll end up unhappier because you'll just want more and more.

              3. Who do you turn to in your darkest moments?

              When it is dark do you continue walking in the dark or do you switch on the Light? If it makes you happy to dwell in the dark, by all means walk around like that - but please stay in your room.

              In the end, our finite selves limits our understanding of the infinite. There is an infinity. Science believes in it. Math believes in it and represents it as:

              My thesis on this matter is incomplete. But that's ok. I too, am finite. My understanding is finite. My own conception of God is finite. For now, it is sufficient for me to say these (the first statement) is ontological, the next one is based on Faith:

              God Is... 

              God Is Good...
              All the Time...  

              Wednesday, August 11, 2010

              Back Paper

              Everyone thinks that he or she is a protagonist in his or her own story of life. The same goes with the expression thereof, in blogs, in facebook and on twitter.

              Nobody arrives at the conclusion, "Hey world, I am the bad guy." 
              But it does happen at times.

              Nobody arrives at the conclusion, "Hey my opinions are wrong and you are right."
              But it does happen at times.

              In a virtual world where anything you say or write will always be held against you - for eternity thanks to Google, our opinions and beliefs - which we hold to be noble can backfire and bite us in the ass. 

              Go over your blog again and you're bound to offend 1, 2, 3, 4 maybe a thousand people in the world with the click of a mouse button. 

              That sucks. 

              But there's nothing we could do about it. Blogs are (should be?) emancipated from the confines of face to face encounters, where everybody behaves well. 

              Sometimes, somebody completely misses the point and brings out an AK47 and shoots everyone down. 

              Every now and then, I get to read an angry post on Facebook. It would be an all sweeping statement that catches you off guard at 10:49 PM just as you were writing about an article on diapers. (Ok that's me)  

              I pause, reflect and for one second, think, is this guy talking about me? 

              A split second transpires and a simple Yes or No pops up.

              Nope, guess not, and I proceed writing about the merits of diapers.

              It would be great if people would just take a few moments to reflect on words. I know, it gets tiring specially if you have to do it at the rate of 10,000 a day. The same goes with me. I never intentionally hurt people - unless I have to. Hehehe. Well, no not really.

              I remember a training program where people are asked to stick a blank sheet of paper on your back and everybody gets to write anonymously. I always got the neutral comments like:

              "He is a nice guy."
              "He is a nice guy."
              "He is a nice guy."
              "He is a good friend."

              Other people would have it far worst, like, 
              "his underarms smell" 


              "He is egotistic"

              Hmmm, i wonder if you could do that with blogs.

              Chalk it up to Silly Idea Number - I Forgot What #

              "The Anonymous Back Paper" 

              Back Paper >< Paper Back



              Even the most gragarious writer in the world can get tired. After over 10,000 words written within 24 hours, I still have to write another 5,000 more.

              One strange thing that freelance writing has taught me is that for some odd reason, all the work comes in at the same time.

              I don't know why.

              Tuesday, August 10, 2010

              Like I Said...What are you Planting?

              Update: Sorry about that. I was reacting in response to this

              I feel flabbergasted by the amount of support that Craig Newmark is getting. A decade ago, there would have been no argument with regards to "legal culpability and liability in facilitating the advertisement of illicit activities". 

              As far as I can tell, no broadsheet newspaper of credible reputation would ever advertise sex services on their classifieds. 

              I feel disappointed that personalities that I respect and admire, would defend the position held by Craigslist. That it's not their fault that people use their site for nefarious activities such as human trafficking, 1. because there's no proof that it transpires. 2. because other people should be the ones to report it to the police.

              They're adopting that "Wha? That happened on our site? Can you prove it to us? Why don't you report it to the police then?"

              I've seen the arguments on facebook and didn't bother chiming in. The values of this world are changing and I can say with full conviction - that it's not changing for the best.


              1. Craigslist makes it easier for criminal elements to abuse their system - 1 proof - picture above.
              2. Craigslist claims that they are manually screening the ads
              3. I am not familiar with American law, but, I can see that in having categories that promote casual sex in the first place, Craigslist makes it appealing and easy for people to do as such

              My opinions:

              1. Removing said categories and forms of advertisement will not solve human trafficking. But it will drive these elements underground. 

              • Would you have these activities in the underground or in the mainstream?
              • At the current stage and with Craigslist offering a venue, these illicit activities are in the mainstream
              • So, let them go underground
              • If you let these happen in the mainstream, it will only be a matter of time when such behavior will be accepted as the norm. 
              • If these forms of behavior are accepted as the norm, American institutions like the family will change. 

                • Now, I am treading on dangerous ground here. So I will stop. I'm not an American so why should I care? 
                • My countrymen are emulating America in everything. Take a look at me. I'm the product of the American education system that was transplanted and adapted here in the Philippines. 
                • I have a family and I want my conception of the family to be as it is and unchanged.
                • I am against human trafficking. 

              Hence, the question: What has been planted?

              What are You Planting Right Now?

              Galatians 6:7-10

              7Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows8The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life. 9Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 10Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

              Ah, all that back breaking work has paid off. 

              Test post using Windows Live Writer

              I can’t think of anything clever to say right now so I will let my fingers do the thinking.

              Cogito ergo Cogito means:

              I think therefore I think.

              It is a salient proof that I am a thinking being. "What is thinking” asked the addled Philosophy professor.

              It is a cognitive reorganization of the things that transpire before us as we understand them. A means by which what “is” is elucidated further. Doesn’t this thing have a page break. Oh, ok, there. Now where was I, but on my chair. I am thinking of witty right now. Which is something that is already known but have not been expressed in words as they try to emulate thoughts. Are words thoughts? Or are thoughts words?

              As crazy as it may sound, this whole shebang is a bunch of gibberish that I am quite surprised that you are still reading at this juncture.

              Readers of this blog are robots with psychedelic skin plastered on their appendages. Bah!

              Test post over.

              The Value of Value

              It's true that to be successful in social media that you have to be sociable and give value first. The word value has been thrown about every so often that it makes one wonder,

              "What is really of value and how do we give it?"

              Gwen over at Despicable Costumes, noted correctly in her comment at Justin Germino's blog, dragon blogger:

              "we are having to build trust differently and I see it as a wonderful new trend."

              Which brings us to the question of "how?"

              Free has become so common that it is now overrated. We have Free Operating Systems, Free Software, Free SEO tips, Free College Courses, etc., that it's getting more and more difficult to ascertain the value of value.

              The answer might come as a surprise.

              Real and appreciable value is something that people DON'T deserve.

              There are so many blogs and articles that claim to have a firm grasp on value and portray to give it to others in the form of free newsletters, free advice, free this, free that, when in fact - they have little to no meaning and value that is immediately convertible to something substantial and physical.

              We tend to overrate ourselves and forget that a lot of content, a lot of newsletters, a lot of things are already FREE on the Internet.

              Marketers would then artificially create a semblance of value in their 5 Part $3,000 Dollar Video Series on How to Make a ($___________) a month using (_________) Secret System. 

              Now, is this real business, or tomfoolery that is apt to run on fumes of despair?

              If you really want to give something of value - then give something that people can hold on to. Treat them like Romeo would Juliet, treat people as Jesus Christ would, treat people as if they were guests in your home, treat people like they were in a 5 Star Hotel.

              There was once a great man, who knew the secrets of value. He was the Founding Partner of a law firm with over 5,000 Retainers and 10,000 other clients. One could only imagine that this man would have no time for people of lesser stature than those with whom he has major dealings with.

              Wrong, this man - treated everybody equally regardless of intellectual, financial and economical stature. In fact, he made it a point to spend quality time even with people who did not immediately bring him business. He was active in church - so much so that he devoted a day for church related activities. He made it a point to visit and reach out to unprivileged communities - even if it meant spending hours under the glaring heat and discomfort.

              In business, nobody deserves to get something they didn't work for. (Exceptions noted)

              There is always an exchange of value.

              If you really want to give real value and stand out from the crowd, then give something that they don't deserve. That is the value of real value.

              Monday, August 09, 2010

              The Value of Honesty

              Honesty is the most common and at the same time the scarcest resource in the world and the Internet today.

              Side note: Read about the value of Honesty in Social Media Marketing in my guest post at Justin Germino, an IT Security Consultant was kind enough to let me post on his blog. I met him at when I registered there. Thank you for letting me post on your blog, Justin! 

              Everybody is honest yet everybody lies - from time to time

              On the Internet, there's no way to see the facial expressions of the person you are having a conversation with - save for video conferences. We've got to rely on the quality of the words and the logical sequence by which they are presented in blogs, websites, forums and IM conversations.

              If you want to buy something, the first thing that you do is to Google it. You then come across spun articles that's more often than not written and spun to oblivion by someone who probably doesn't have a clue about the product or service at all.

              I should know. It's my job.

              That's the reason why I love this blog. I can say whatever I want to say without feeling that guilt of knowing that what I've written was a bright and shining lie.

              The thing is. I'm just one in the millions of people who are constantly lying.

              Yes, I am a liar when it comes to marketing. I spin out the best positive point of view that I can regarding a product or a service. But here on this blog and in real life I am going to tell you as it is. I will hold no punches like I did when I castigated M.Night Shyamalan on his treatment of the Avatar.

              In a day and age where everybody can't help but tell everyone what to do with their blogs, I find it refreshing whenever I come across someone who'll just say,
              "Fuck SEO and all the egg heads out there! I will write with wanton carelessness, without any regard for the number of keywords that are supposed to be in an article."

              Come on say it!

              Now, did that feel good? 

              Sunday, August 08, 2010

              Sir, Permission to Share Sir!

              On a glorious Sunday morning, I filled my cup with chocolate and coffee and proceeded to turn on my computer. Facebook is one of the first venues that I go to and an exceptional post caught my attention. I clicked on both the Like and Share link to immediately feed the article to all of my 74 friends, thinking that maybe one of them might like it.

              As I finished "Sharing", a red balloon caught my attention, signifying that someone else also has made a comment on the same post. It was the usual, "Thank you! Nice Post!" type of comment. What irked me was that it had a follow up statement which asked for the permission to share, sir?

              Not that I am one without any semblance of respect for my fellow Facebookers, but where oh where did they say that we have to ask permission to share a link?

              Is it unethical to not ask for permission before you share a link?

              I have not seen a rule or a book which states that we should do so.

              To aggravate my mild discomfort at this genuinely Filipino tendency - the person added a "Sir".

              I didn't know that there were Knights in the Philippines.

              And that's what this post is really about - entitlement. 400+ years of colonial mentality has rendered respectable Filipinos to adhere to ways of thinking that always attached titles to everyone. This medieval attitude has even found its way in offices and call centers - that there have been training programs specifically made to ensure that people won't call the Americans Sir Bob or Sir Joe.

              Respect cannot be found in a title. Respect is a way of living and of acting.

              Though I'm pretty sure that this blog post won't change things, I am hopeful that there will be a time when Filipinos finally learn that calling someone Sir or Ma'am isn't really a sign of respect. But an automatic reaction brought about by centuries of enculturation. It is my prayer that we truly respect each other - not merely by words but through actions as simple as following the littlest of laws such as not smoking in jeepneys and buses, disposing of garbage in the proper venue, and many others.

              Whois a Startup?

              You are a startup.

              You'll find Jason Calacanis on my blog roll. The guy doesn't let anyone comment on his blog but I still keep his blog there because he is obsessed with online startups. It's like he couldn't breathe if he didn't write, talk or even think about all the startups on the web now. I like mad men.

              You are a startup. I am a startup. Everybody is a startup.

              Wikipedia digresses, but hey that's..... Wiki!

              Startup companies can come in all forms, including those that are simply life-style companies, but the phrase "startup company" is often associated with high growth, technology oriented companies. Investors are generally most attracted to those new companies distinguished by their risk/reward profile and scalability. That is, they have lower bootstrapping costs, higher risk, and higher potential return on investment. Successful startups are typically more scalable than an established business, in the sense that they can potentially grow rapidly with limited investment of capital, labor or land.
              Every day is a chance to change your life. Every minute is a minute of high growth.

              Being technology oriented is already a given. In every company there is a personality. There is a "her" or a "him".

              Mention Apple - you immediately think about "Steve". Mention Zuckerberg, and you think about Facebook. Bill Gates - Microsoft. See? They give personality. They attach a face. Business is like that. People attach faces to logos. That's why if the faces aren't so appealing to the general populace they hire marketing agencies that would put the "correct" face for the company.

              You are the startup

              Every day is an opportunity to scale. Multiply yourself by imparting to others what you know. Don't hold back. Give something valuable to your employees. Share only the best with your colleagues. Don't hold back. Give free and life changing value. Because once you've helped someone have a better life - the results could be drastically astonishing.

              Money is not everything.

              An excellent idea must be built. Never mind the fact that there's no funding. Just build it.

              No, they will not come.

              Build it first. Then go.

              Be aggressive but subtle. Be wild but wise. Be adventurous but cautious.

              Because in the end, the project is really you. You are the work in progress.

              Saturday, August 07, 2010

              Phenomenon Called Brain Drain is Nonsense

              Every now and then, there comes a time when we find something really worth sharing. Today, it's a blog post by Investment Analyst Benson Te on his take about the phenomenon called Brain Drain. The title of his blog post "The Brain Drain Nonsense" strikes deep to the heart of the issue. Directly quoted:

              "Unless Filipinos are daft, which I don’t think we are, except in the eyes of politicians and media, I trust that the law of economics would prompt “brain drain” to result to a net positive benefit for the Philippine society, because it is a purposeful choice made by millions of individuals (our countrymen) in response to the current environment.
              If we truly want to reverse “brain drain”, then we need to build capital.
              And how do we that?
              By sloughing off protectionism, cronyism, paternalism and embracing competition, free trade and economic freedom."
              Read more in the Prudent Investor Newsletters

              Wednesday, August 04, 2010

              You Will Like This :)

               and several  ago, I've found that
              Updates have given s that elicited a ,
              from Friends who helped me for Gold.

              Now, I fanned the, so that they will

              , and then Share it with our .

              Now, the ions have made us think about  all the memes that #hashtags were known to elicit.

              it! I say, if you would just lemme , so that
              you would have to it.

              This Linkbait is definitely up to it.

              Now if you like, we can just and have a Feel for
              the . So that we can be . And then
              get around with a , , .

              Open Graph, Social Graph, can we just Fan it, but no,

              says it.

              your profile as you go around .

              That's where you'll find the Gold in Social Media Marketing.

              1. "Getting your bling bling on, for social media marketing"

              2. "All that glitters is in social media marketing"

              3. "Steve Jobs had his "boom" moment, Let me tell you how I got my "golden oomph"! (through social media marketing!)"

              4. "Social Media so shiny! It's got gold drippin all over it"

              5. "Turning your Friends and Likes into Gold"

              6. "Finding your Midas touch in Social Media"

              7. "How to turn little blue birds, squares and books with faces on them into Gold"

              8. Like Gold? Tweet About it!

              These are my submissions in the quest for Jay Berkowitz's Gold Bar. He wants us, Internet People to help him find an appropriate title for his presentation in Affiliate Summit New York.

              Let me cut to the golden drizzle and point the way to the Gold.

              Help Jay Berkowitz Find a Title for His Speech, Get Gold

              Wanted: Quality Writers

              How many times have you seen a desperate plea for "Quality Writers" on Freelancing Sites? I tend to ignore those ads because posting about your need for quality writers while having terrible grammar yourself is a true sign that the service buyer (or the person willing to pay for articles) is a subcontractor. Yes, there are subcontractors who subcontract their work.

              It has a really simple business model.

              1. Find someone who needs articles on their website
              2. Find someone who writes articles
              3. Pretend you wrote the articles.
              4. Skim off the top to get profits while abusing a Filipino, Indian or Pakistani writer.

              Thousands have been made using this terribly stupid and redundant business model. Oftentimes, these subcontractors have little to no writing skills in the first place. They're just lazy bums willing to make a quick buck out of some poor hapless freelance writer.

              To top that, they even demand so much and purport to check your grammar and writing style and ultimately pay less than what they asked for.

              So, if you are a business owner (a real business), and you want to promote your site via articles on the net, you might as well hire someone who you know to be capable. Always ask contractors or writers whether they will write the articles themselves.

              Get to know them personally. Good signs of a credible and reliable writer are:

              1. They have their own blog.
              2. They converse pretty well in your correspondence with them
              3. They demand more money
              4. And of course, they can deliver.

              The Writer's Part

              If you're an aspiring freelance writer, here are the ways by which you can determine whether the person that you are working for is another subcontractor:

              1. They pay so little. (Little=Less than $3 per 500 words. If you're getting less than this, you are being screwed.)
              2. They have terrible grammar.
              3. They fail to make a connection and they act like wheelers and dealers.

              Making it in the world of freelance is three times as tough as having a regular job. You have to look for work everyday, you have to meet crazy deadlines and most of all, you have to deal with dipshit and untalented third parties who are just there to make a quick buck out of both writers and service buyers.

              Tuesday, August 03, 2010

              Dealing with Copyright Infringement in the Third World

              Alternate title should read: Should the Chinese be running an Italian Restaurant?

              Now here's something new, a person from the third world chasing after someone in the first world about copyright infringement.

              It happens and yes it happened to me. Again. For the third time.

              So, there's this woman named (hidden) and she asked me to do 20,000 articles in 24 hours. I complied with it as best as I could and guess how much I got compensated for it. 

              Zero and more than that, she told me to shut up. LOL

              A brief overview of the story.

              It all started when I wrote 20,000 words in 24 hours for (hidden). I gave them in 23 hours. She said they were poorly written and "unprofessional" because I used the first person a tad too many times. I told her I could redo them at no cost. She said that she'll do it herself and called me a racist because I said in the article that the Chinese shouldn't be running an Italian Restaurant. LOL! And because I bashed Paris Hilton one too many times. Where did this person come from? 
              Is that racist? Anyway, so a back and forth ensued to vent out my frustrations. The funny thing was that she kept spewing forth Laws Regarding Contracts but she forgot to mention the one that is essential to the core of the matter - Copyright Laws. I told her that unless I am compensated I consider those articles to be my intellectual property. Anyway, she plopped them right in her website and slapped a Copyright Logo on em. I did some research on who this character is and found a number of real world companies, Facebook profiles and web pages. Tsk Tsk Tsk. After seeing that she was a young mother with a kid. My heart softened for her a bit and offered that she could have the articles at no cost. There was no "Thank you Danny". Not even a dime. That's why I am acting as unprofessionally as I can right now here on my personal blog. There's a phrase here somewhere and it is called Righteous Indignation. Maybe, I won't get paid, maybe I will. Maybe I will invoke the DMCA.
              So yes, it is possible for these things to happen. Maybe some of you guys and gals in the first world would some day be pirating our Asian movies and watching them on your fake DVD Players and fake Sony TVs.

              But what profits a man (or a woman) if he or she gains the world....oh fuck it.

              Monday, August 02, 2010

              Using the Scientific Method in Blog Posts

              This post is not a sponsored post, however it links to a sponsored one.

              Today, I got an email from a company called Social Spark. It is an offshoot of Izea's PayPerPost. I decided to give it a try to determine the feasibility of their offer. 

              In order to validate their claims, the Scientific Method was applied. 

              Though it is boring to create blog posts which are written in a scientific way, they do create more value than those which have speculation and opinion. Posting speculative thoughts bring in reactions and results which are also speculative in nature. 

              It is my hope that blogging in this way will prove and create facts rather than more hot air. This will identify which are legitimate online business endeavors and not. 

              The attempt to prove the hypothesis is documented as Internet Business Experience/Experiment or 

              IBE-08022010 located at

              The exact URL is here.