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Thursday, September 23, 2010

God is Good! Project: Drain Pool

After a series of setbacks and failed expectations, the Garden finally got a reprieve.

The generosity of many individuals makes me feel happy and encouraged to do more.

In the end the videocam was not fixed, but the submersible pump was.

Through the efforts of Tito Joey Lopido and the Men of Action, we're finally going to drain the pool which has long held rain water.

I have foregone cleaning the pool because of the costs involved. Dengue is prevalent in the Philippines and it would be a good idea to drain the water so as not to further its spread.

Through the additional funding that we've gotten, we're going to take it step by step.

Ka Martin Draining the Green Lake... 09-22-2010

Water Going Out 09-22-2010

Submersible Pump in Action 09-22-2010
Ka Martin and the Empty Pool 09-23-2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Project 2 - Fix Videocam

Actually, I already proceeded to have the video cam fixed on September 8, 2010. The bill to pay is 2,200. I tried looking around BF Homes Paranaque for a camera service and found one inside Tropical Hut.

It was a guy named Trix who is also selling cheap second hand handy cams too.

Anyway, we were supposed to get the camera today actually. But when we called him, he said it might take up to Friday. So there you go.

If it does get fixed, I will post videos ASAP.

Project 2 is pending Til I get the camera.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Outsourcing: From a Venture Capitalist's Point of View

Week long hiatus.

Fred Wilson, is a venture capitalist based in the United States who recently wrote about the merits of outsourcing.

I am a fan of outsourcing in general. I believe companies should develop those skills and functions that are their core competency and outsource the skills and functions that are not. I believe that the US should invest in outsourcing instead of demonizing it. I believe there is a lot of opportunity for economically weak regions of the US to use outsourcing to build their economies and grow.
But for startups, outsourcing is a tricky issue. You should not outsource those things that are core competencies or critical feedback points. If you don't have the skills on your founding team to do that work, go find people who do and either hire them or bring them onto the founding team.
I am proposing a slight twist in the arrangement and provoking the status quo to propound the notion that NO, YOU SHOULD NOT OUTSOURCE.


Rather than "not outsourcing those things that are core competencies or critical feedback points of your company" you're going to bring those core competencies and critical feedback points here.

The equation is not so simple but in condensed form,

Developing nation labor costs and startup expenses = low
US labor costs and startup expenses = high

Developing nation cost of living = low
US cost of living = high

Income derived from purely web based business startups = High
Geography is irrelevant. 

It sounds crazy to uproot your operations and transfer them to a developing nation, but so many have already done it that it's actually crazier that most companies are still bent on having the core of their operations in the US.

Web based startups could do more if their running expenses are kept to a minimum. It's a fulfillment of the observation made by Thomas L. Friedman in his book "The World is Flat".

Everything that you need to launch a web based startup is already here.

However, it is understandable why most US companies are reticent in doing so though many of their counterparts are already here! There is the fear of the unknown, lurking on the shoulders of every startup. There are notions of economic protectionism, patriotism and nationalism. There's family and home. 

All of which are understandable and valid reasons. 

Don't get left behind.  

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Real Farm Ville =

The Story Behind the Game

You are the son of a successful lawyer who spent his success to build a non operating, but real farm ville.

Unfortunately, he died at the age of 49, 3 years ago, leaving you with lots of land but no cash.

You don't have a clue how to manage a real farm ville, but find that you don't have a choice.

At the age of 28, you assign yourself as the resort manager and embark on a journey which goes wherever you bring it.

You don't have money, all you have are a few cottages, a pool and the determination to turn the "estate" into something better. And oh, 15,000 square meters of land. Not much compared to the big business barons, but that'll do.

In the game, you'll be faced with bayawaks, harsh tropical storms, ginormous falling trees, itchy insects, people stealing coconuts, neighboring gambling lords, small time political wannabes, and people who enter your real farmville at night - and practically do anything that they like.

You have your family with you, one helper, two dogs and a jungle bolo with the ultimate plan of developing the farm into a resort and opening it up to the public.

The challenge is to not borrow money from the bank and make do with whatever resources that you have.

You have mango trees, banana trees, mahogany trees, rambutan, durian, guava, papaya and lots of flowering plants. Too bad that you didn't listen to your high school biology teacher, now you have to get to know these flora and fauna simply by asking.


In the game, you get to vote on what the resort manager would do next.
To make things more exciting, the resort manager is thinking of including video.

The Rationale for Creating the Real Farm Ville =

This project, stemmed from my fun desperation. There's no point in moping and complaining when I could just turn this situation around by turning it into a game.

Yes, it's the real deal and not just an ordinary game which I happily named resort-ville.

There could be two endings to this ongoing story.

1. The game ends when the resort is sold.
2. The game continues on - and the resort does not get sold. You get to provide jobs to people and run a successful resort business. One day, you decide to go to the real place, and the Resort Manager will greet you personally and give you the best experience you'll ever have.


I use facebook on a regular basis and don't really get to avoid getting invited to become someone's neighbor in farmville.

I played it and I think it's a good game - for wasting your time. The fact that some people even actually spend real money on a virtual farm astounds me. Why pay for something that's not real - when you can have the real thing?

So that's where the idea of resort-ville came from. The Real Farm Ville.

The mechanics of the game is simple, you don't even have to spend. All you have to do, is vote on what I - "The Resort Manager" will do and I'll do it and even post a video while I am doing it.


Monday, September 06, 2010

Project 1 Complete

You've voted and I responded. Actually I voted and one person voted too. Project Varnish Main House Ledge is completed.

September 6, 2010


The dog did it


Not Perfect, But Nice

Ah, orange

Project Estimated Cost

$33.00 USD (PHP 1,000)

Total Project Cost

6 Bottles of Varnish = $0.76 x 6 Bottles = $4.56  (34 PHP x 6 Bottles = PHP 204) 
Labor = FREE (I did it)



A lot of expenses saved by doing it myself. 

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Advice to my Son and Daughters

First they will befriend you yet you do not know them.
They will shower you with gifts
Then they will get you drunk
Be wary as your tongue will loosen and words will flow like wine
When you are drunk enough
They will find your weakness, your vice, your desires

This is the time when you have to find that single light in your muddled head

What is your priority?

When they have failed, they will then use these against you


Be careful of the words you utter
People have this nasty habit called stupidity and misinterpretation
Some words can mean more than one thing
They will get the meaning in your words that suits their agenda
Then their agenda will become your words


Fear is the most potent of all weapons
It moves countries
It moves cultures to do drastic and unspeakable horrors
Learn how to use it - not because you are going to
But because you should know when it is being used against you

They will gnaw away at your fortress
Pick it piece by piece
Inflicting one tiny pinprick of fear every day
They will climb your walls and bring it down

You'd know who they are by looking at their faces

You have done nothing and bear no ill grudge towards them
But they will look at you as if you are a murderer
Some will smile at you yet stare and balk when your back is turned

Pay no heed to them
Act as if they do not exist
They are brooding and will feed on your reaction
So do not react

Never give in to fear unless the tool of fear is already real
You'll know when it has become real
You must be prepared


Real friends know their boundaries
Real friends will know about respect
You will have 1 or two throughout your life
It could be your siblings, your husband or wife, your mom, or someone else

You will know when the time has come

Yet, do not rely on them
Anticipate their weaknesses and expect them to fail you because of these
By doing so, you will still be friends even after failure


Love is not a feeling
It is a promise that is unconditional
It is a commitment to see it through the very end

Strong desires fade as the cold settles in

You will know love once you have read the Bible
You will know of unselfish love

Do not expect someone to love you as you are
But try your best to be lovable to those who deserve it

In the end, the best friend you'll ever have will be the One who has died on the cross for your trespasses so that your sins will be forgiven.

In the end He will be the one who will love you the most.

Kind Acts

Not all of your kind acts will be rewarded
Be wary of people who want to get your sympathy.
Everyone, in one way or another deserves sympathy,
The difference is in what they do to address this.

Some beg. Some even threaten. Most don't do anything.

Pity the ones whom you see who are trying their best yet still fail.

Do not pay attention to those who are not trying at all.


Be wary of whom to accept gifts from.
The most well meaning of gifts may have the darkest of motives.
Mind who gives it and know their intentions.
This is specially true if you are in a position of power or influence.

Remember, there are people who wouldn't even mind you
if you don't have those two.

I know I have.
They have tried to bribe me with women.
Some have offered the simplest of gifts like fruits and vegetables.

Be careful of these.
Most of the time, they want something in return which they will collect in due time.

Life is Unfair

Deal with it.
Learn from it.
Trade with it.
Anticipate it.
Prepare for it.
Make contingencies for unfairness.

Corruption in Government

Is the product of greed.
Will always be there as long as there are humans.
Work around it.
The people who deal with absolutes are the dangerous ones.

Ask yourself, will people always be greedy?