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Monday, January 10, 2011

Make Money Online 2011

Here's the spammy post to end all spammy posts.

A lot of you have probably been scratching your collective chins worldwide.

"What the hell is wrong with Danny?"

Some of you who know a little of me, might be thinking, "he's gone rogue by offering money on his blog".

Well, if you are thinking about what I am up to and what my plans are, it's basically, to make money online by helping you make money online here.

No tips. No schemes.

Nothing to do, I just want you to write one blog post here on my blog for $1.  (Increases daily if nobody takes the  offer.)

So how do I intend to profit from this?

1. I stop smoking because I am forced to save $1 a day.
2. I work harder because I am forced to write everyday.
3. Interest generated through my proposition.

No frills.
No thrills.

Just $1 a day to a fellow blogger.
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