Monday, January 10, 2011

PakyawPH : A PH Groupon Like Startup

Karen_Davila tweeted information about a Groupon like startup.

As of today, there are now 2 Groupon like startups in the Philippines. It's only a matter of time when there are 2,000 of them..... The other one is Buyanihan.com

Here's the promo mechanics for Pakyaw

Mechanics for “Pakyaw Daily Draw”

From January 10, 2011 to January 31, 2010, Pakyaw will implement a
subscriber acquisition and referral activity through the use of a raffle program.
The initiative will be dubbed as the “Pakyaw Daily Draw (PDD)” program.
The PDD program and referral reward system is open to any Philippine resident,
18 years old and up, and who possess a valid email address. Members of the
Pakyaw Core Group and their family members up to the 2nd level of
consanguinity are free to register but will be disqualified from joining the raffle.
For people to join the PDD program, an individual would have to become a
Pakyaw subscriber by signing up through the Pakyaw website.
The registration / sign-up process to Pakyaw are as follows:

1. Access www.pakyaw.com.ph

2. Click on the “SIGN UP NOW and ENTER the PAKYAW DAILY DRAW”



5. Input LAST NAME


7. Choose GENDER (by clicking button)


9. Input your PASSWORD

10.Re-confirm PASSWORD


Before the user can complete the registration process, he or she has to
acknowledge that they agree to the PDD Terms and Conditions by clicking on the
assigned tick box. Once the user signifies their agreement to the PDD terms and
conditions, they can click the “JOIN THE PAK NOW” button to complete the
registration process.
After completing the initial sign-up process, the individual will be given a
message to wait for an email from Pakyaw that will serve as registration
verification and the final step in the sign-up process.
The email should contain a welcome note from Pakyaw and should show
instructions on what to do in order to complete the sign-up verification process.
After executing the final verification step, the subscriber will be sent another
email with the mechanics of the raffle program, the line-up of prizes that can be
won from the raffle and a raffle entry for the Pakyaw Daily Draw that will start
on January 11, 2011.

A verified subscriber will be awarded one (1) raffle entry after sign-up.
Total raffle entries earned by a subscriber will be accessible through the Pakyaw
sign-up page (clickable link)

a. Description of how the raffle entry was earned
i. Verified Sign-up – Raffle entry No. yyyyyyxxxxxx
ii. Referral – user@domain.com – Raffle entry No. xxxxxxyyyyyy
iii. Referral – anotheruser@domain.com – Raffle entry No.
Subscriber Referral System

From January 10 to January 30, 2011, Pakyaw will be complementing the
Subscriber Acquisition plan by a Referral Program that is aimed to give both the
Referring and Referred Party rewards in the form of additional raffle entries to the
PDD. Referrals can only be submitted through the Pakyaw registration site
(clickable link) only after the referring party has completed their own registration
process for Pakyaw.
Valid referral entries are defined as:

1. Non-Members of the Pakyaw Core Group and their family members up to
the 2nd level of consanguinity and affinity.

2. Email Addresses that are duly encoded by the Referring Party into the
Pakyaw website referrals page. The email addresses of referred
individuals will be processed by Pakyaw to determine their validity in terms
of authenticity and non-membership in the Pakyaw subscriber database.

Invalid referral entries are defined as:

1. Referred individuals who were earlier referred by other parties. All
referrals are subject for verification vs. existing subscribers in the
Pakyaw database acquired from other parties of subscriber acquisition
channels or programs.

2. Referred individuals who did not complete the email verification
process within the given referral period (i.e. January 10 to 30, 2011).

3. Members of the Pakyaw Core Group and their family members up to
the 2nd level of consanguinity and affinity.
For each valid referral submitted to Pakyaw, the referring party will be eligible to
receive a raffle entry. A raffle entry will only be awarded if and when the owner
of the email address referred to Pakyaw completes the verification process by
replying to an email sent by Pakyaw.
· Referrer will get 1 Raffle Entry for every valid subscriber referred.
The referrer will not be eligible for another raffle entry if the subscriber that
they referred provides their own referral.
· Awarding of raffle entries for referrals will be given until 11:59pm,

January 30, 2011.

Raffle Mechanics

1. The raffle draw will be done at regular intervals starting January 11
and ending January 31, at exactly 5pm. Posting of the winner for the
day will be done by no later than 7pm of the draw date. An email notice
will be sent to the raffle winner to inform them of the result of the draw and
to ask for their mailing address so that Pakyaw can send them a
registered mail informing them of the same.

2. PDD will have a daily cut-off of 11:59pm for the succeeding day’s
raffle (e.g. email addresses verified as of 12:00MN of January 10 will be
eligible for the PDD starting January 11). The daily cut-off and raffle
schedule will be as follows:

Day of Week Registration Cut-off Raffle Draw Schedule

Monday Monday, 11:59pm Tuesday, 5pm
Tuesday Tuesday, 11:59pm Wednesday, 5pm
Wednesday Wednesday, 11:59pm Thursday, 5pm
Thursday Thursday, 11:59pm Friday, 5pm
Friday Sunday, 11:59pm Monday, 5pm
Saturday Sunday, 11:59pm Monday, 5pm
Sunday Sunday, 11:59pm Monday, 5pm

3. A raffle entry will be eligible for all draws as long as it hasn’t been
drawn as a winner in any previous draw.

4. Raffle entries that have been drawn or picked will be taken out of
the system after it has been drawn as a winner.

5. Each week there will be a distinct set of prizes that will be given

a. First Week – Seven (7) Apple IPad 16Gb Wifi
b. Second Week – Seven (7) Nintendo Wii Game Consoles
c. Third Week – Seven (7) Apple Macbook 13” 2.4GHZ, 250Gb
d. Jan. 31st – One (1) Samsung 32” LCD Flatscreen TV
Note: Prizes are not convertible to cash. Taxes due from the prizes are
already paid for by Pakyaw.

6. Prizes will be awarded every Monday of the week preceding the
week when the raffle was drawn (e.g. winners from the week of
January 10 to 17 will be given their prizes on January 18).
Awarding will be done at the Pakyaw offices to provide a photo opportunity
that will be used for posting at the Pakyaw site.
Winners will be given 60 days from their receipt of the written notice from
Pakyaw to claim their prizes. To claim their raffle prizes, winners will be
asked to bring with them at least one government issued ID (with picture)
for verification purposes. Unclaimed prizes after the 60-day period will
forfeited in favor of Pakyaw.

7. All raffle entries will be voided after the last draw on January 31,

Per DTI-NCR Permit # 8501, Series of 2010