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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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A spark or a catalyst can start movement. The energy propels the cue ball in a direction which can strike another ball which then strikes another ball, until such time that the energy is no longer sufficient to propel another ball.

Mike Massey Billiards Basic Billiard BallsSometimes the spark or the catalyst triggers movement in another manner, one where triggering a causality is not often understood.

In this case, only one spark is necessary to make thousands if not millions move.

This can happen in a crowd of people, particularly a restless, hungry, and thoughtless one. Put 100 people in a room and then suddenly shout in a most horrendous tone and volume “There’s a BOMB!”, while making smoke appear through a device.

Pull String Smoke Grenade
You then trigger panic.

Instinct kicks in and the survival mechanism of the human mind incites the body to action. The same mental process transpires at the same time with many people. Their thoughts and later on their actions would be directed to the first instinctive reaction that they have been conditioned with. Run, scream, look around, look for an exit, look for the bomb, etc.

But there would always be a set within the set, which will react differently. They may have been trained or conditioned in an altogether different manner. One, for instance may question the existence of a bomb and proceed to make queries. Another may welcome its existence and a very small percentage might even  embrace it because of a life that’s dreary.

Different conditioning and training, results in different reactions in a given situation.

Use that in the context of making money online through blogging.

In this schema, the room is the Internet, the people is “everyone”, the bomb is the reality where money is lacking and the exit is making money online.

Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com MogulSomebody shouts, “Bomb!”
The indications are all there, visual confirmation in the form of checks or cash, Paypal screenshots with smiling 13 year olds. The narrative is also present in the form of the storyteller – the one who found the bomb first. While heralding the existence of the bomb, the storyteller points to the exit – his exit as the way out of the reality or the truth. Everybody scrambles to get out from where they are standing. Some wait and watch as the others go out, some look for other exits, some simply stand and do nothing but most go out of the door to a place in which nobody from the inside will know what lies beyond.

Each foot step is a cognitive action or a concrete measure. You get a blog, you write, you do what the storyteller tells you to do.

The bottom line is – You buy it.

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure IncomeYou buy the domain.
You buy the eBook.
You buy the hosting package.
You buy the theme.
You buy the logo.
You buy the SEO service.
You buy the service of the writer.
You buy traffic.
You buy it.

Blogging For DummiesYou may halt in the middle of the way to ask whether you should continue running towards the exit. However, the act of halting brings forth the danger and the fear of what lies beyond the door. It may be nothing. Yet nothing scares you. So you continue walking. It may be something, but it may be too little so you run faster. In the end, what lies beneath would ultimately be a leap of faith because nobody returned to tell of the tale.

Blog Schmog: The Truth About What Blogs Can (and Can't) Do for Your Business 
Everybody just bought it.
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