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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Congressman Manny Pacquaio

Dear Congressman Manny Pacquiao, 

Is it really true that you tweeted

"E di mag reklamo ka doon sa lolo mo hahahaha thanks" (Go tell it to your grandpa!)

to prominent blogger Noemi Dado? 


Well sir, it would seem that you are on the road to social media perdition. 

Erasing your account is not going to erase what you tweeted. 

Your honorableness, twitter is not a tool to be trifled with. Many sane and intelligent people actually use it.

Sir, or to the goofballs who are a part of his public relations team, please take social media seriously. 

At the very least be polite to the people there. 

We are very well aware of the fact of your political debt to President Arroyo and to her allies. But you still have the chance to redeem yourself at the very least by acting like a Congressman of the Republic and not a traditional politician who thinks he can do whatever he wants and say whatever he pleases. 

Sir, you are not really my idol, but you are in a position to make radical changes at the very least in your province.

Please don’t mess up your chance to be more than just a boxer. 

Thank you, 

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