Thursday, March 03, 2011


I am trying out another "Get Paid to Blog" platform - Goodblogs.com.

How it Works: You write a blog post. Members vote. If your blog post is good, you get paid $20.

Where I found it: Problogger job board posted 2/26

Who owns it: Cannot be determined by whois records.

What are the Requirements: Real name, username, Paypal address for Paypal payment and real address for check payment.

Terms and Conditions: http://www.goodblogs.com/upgrade-account

Status: Just joined

Premise: Get paid to blog IF you get voted in the front page. Payment in 2 business days. Digg like blog network.

Feedback: Blog post posted I will see if this thing works. http://www.goodblogs.com/view-post/Psst-Can-We-Really-Make-Money-Here

Conclusion: Good blogs shows a lot of promise. :) I will make a more detailed analysis of the site. :)