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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steve Jobs Daughter, Life Compared With Gates

Traffic spikes give me goosebumps and scare the shit out of me. Like, after getting used to a certain level of regular traffic in your blogs, the rush of discovering that somebody mentioned a blog post from way, way back to oblivion and then discovering that you have way more traffic than you can handle is like, "Oh, shit. What did I write wrong this time?" Don't get me wrong though, whoever you are thanks!


Anyway, the offending blog post seems to have been inspired by a piece I wrote about Bill Gates donations back in 2010. The context of which is being compared with the achievements of Steve Jobs now that his life is probably flashing before him. I know I tackled the topic of Steve Jobs daughter before, but don't know how they linked to that particular blog post. Reddit is a strange creature...

So yes, Steve Jobs has a daughter and it would be best if you checked out the wikipedia entry and watched the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

What? You want me to link to a torrent on Piratebay? Buy the movie for a couple a bucks and you have yourself entertainment and history combined. Takes you to Amazon bubba:

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