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Monday, September 12, 2011

Do You Need 5 Bucks?

The Winner for the First Week of September
The winner for the first week of September is Almost Darkslide's Blind Love Ballad entry. There are many great entries that made it on, but I chose Almost Darkslide's because the song that he posted captured the gist of the question.

Today's society is replete with the loss of sacrificial love as an element of expression. Instead, what you have  are numerous alliterations to booty, casual sex and wanton carnal relations that I'm sure piques not only the romantics but also the religious authorities. Congratulations to Almost Darkslide, whoever you are and may you enjoy your 5 bucks.

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2 New Contests!
For the second week of September, I'll be holding 2 contests:

  1. Do You Need 5 Bucks?
  2. I Have No Money - Will Having Money Make Me Happy?
Good luck!
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