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Sunday, September 04, 2011

I Have No Money

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Once, I saw a man get approached by an old woman and asked if she could borrow money. I was nearby so I couldn't help but overhear the discussion. The man said that he didn't carry a lot of cash with him and so he made the most instinctive reply that most of us would probably say when we're in this situation: "Sorry, I have no money" which is of course, something that we could describe as a white lie.

The old woman walked away, dejected and sad. At the time, I too was engrossed with myself and with what I'm doing and didn't really pay much attention since I've been accustomed to beggars. I guess most of us are.

In retrospect, the right attitude would have been to ask what it's for before saying that we don't have money. Maybe all that the person needed was a piece of bread or some spare change to ride the bus. It's sad to say that this mode of thinking is quite normal now. We see it everyday.

In all these years that we have existed here in this planet, the phenomenon of begging is still alive and well.

Worst of all, our cynicism often gets ahead of us. Our natural reaction is to think of all the hard work that we needed to do to get our own money. We took great pains to ensure that it is properly divested and invested in productive and satiating things.

Today, I encourage you to take a step out of this mode of thinking. Reach out to somebody who needs help.  Be a hero to someone. Make the world a little bit better with one small act of kindness. That's all that I'm asking for.

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