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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Ad Sense Check

I lost it.

Danny on Google+

Well no, not really. I didn't even get to see it and I've been counting every day. 42 days now.

So, who wants to vote for Ron Paul? 

This also explains why I haven't been holding those $5 dollar weekly contests. The money that I was supposed to share was supposed to come from that check.

I so totally missed the moment because of a newbie mistake.

  • I should have opted for the registered mail missile delivery system
  • I should have not sent the check to my mom's address. (far away)
  • I should have not trusted the post office. 
  • I should have gotten payments from Western Union instead. 
Sooooo, this is not particularly happy. 

Trollface! You!!!!!!!! $!$@#@#%^!@#%@#
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