Thursday, March 31, 2011

HTML5 + Blogger = Blogger Dynamic Views

I am excited about this new blogger feature and I think that it's high time they came up with something fresh.

Here's a big w00t for Blogger!

Monday, March 14, 2011


What if everything that you've read and seen on the Internet was false?

Wouldn't that turn your world upside down?

How many times have you mentioned to a "disconnected" person that 

"______ is true because I've seen it on the Internet."

It's true because _________ said it. It's true because _________ is a part of this large media corporation or is an independent writer or an authoritative voice or  _____________.

That's why it must be true

Never before have we been engulfed with information faux or real, in such a scale that we bite at the information that we'd like to believe.

Anybody believes what they want to believe, regardless of cognitive affiliation, background or susceptibility. That is the problem with perception. It is only skin deep.

Take note however, that the skin is the part of the body that is the most sensitive and prone to intense pain. So skin deep in false information can still bite.

I'm not just talking about celebrity endorsements and advertisements, I'm talking about massive perceptive manipulation.

Ask yourself: what do they need to make you believe?

Do you base your belief according to your high school friend on facebook?

Do you believe what your spouse says?

How about your Pastor?

How about that notable media broadcaster? The one with the polished look and baritone voice?

Do you believe in a product because of the number of Facebook likes that it has?

Do you believe in something because of who believes in it?

Do you believe in numbers, statistics, metrics, and detailed analysis of renowned experts in the field?

What if they're all wrong and you base your decisions in life because of wrong information?

Think about this:

Would you believe in the success of a company because of the numbers that another company portrayed about the first company?

Would you believe in the success of a company if it has a movie about it?

Meta Thinking

How much do you need to make a movie?

How much do you need to hire a credible writer to write about something?

How much do you need to make another company write about you in a favorable manner?

How much do you need to get 1000 comments on a blog on a daily basis?

How much do you need to get 10,000,000 facebook likes?

How much do you need to hire a polling company and make them see reality as you saw it?

The answer is "well within means"


How much is a person's belief worth?


People center their lives around a belief. Most of the time, they aren't even aware of the existence or the existential aspects of that belief. It's just there. It guides them. It makes them move. It makes them speak, chat, write, converse, post, tweet or whatever.

Do you see your beliefs now?

What are you doing right now, aside from reading this?

Are you agreeing or disagreeing?

Are you thinking about your beliefs and how they have shaped your actions?

Do you even care?

The question is, what will you do next?


Friday, March 11, 2011


Society places a high premium on "acceptable uniqueness". The term would've been solely "uniqueness", but there are forms of uniqueness that are not acceptable.

WEIRD: Because Normal Isn't WorkingSocial convention precludes us from say, prancing around the streets naked while crying. The way that we've been brought up starts from our childhood when our parents taught us what is acceptable or not.

Later on, we develop our own sense of guidelines and evolve these basic values which have thence formed our core foundations.

The most striking factor when it comes to uniqueness that brings success, monetary or socially, is uniqueness that is good.

Uniqueness That is Good

  • The Good Samaritan is an example of going beyond the status quo in a good way by being different. The parable goes to describe a hapless individual who is robbed, stripped and beaten on a highway. The status quo is enforced by the Priest and a Levite who both refused to help the man. Both of which are products of the social constructs and conventions that can be reflected today.
    • Here, uniqueness is exemplified when a Samaritan, a person who by Jewish standards at the time is practically "different" - did the unique thing and helped the poor dude out. The Good Samaritan


Society works in such a way that we ascribe value to things or to people who bear uniqueness and merit.

This is nothing new and this behavior is a critical socio-psychological component that keeps us sane.

So why (or how) do others who seem to possess a certain form of uniqueness able to convert this social capital in more concrete terms?

Again, Value

Being unique and different is good, but being able to use that uniqueness in a manner that would benefit others is better.

Contemplatively, facebook is not really unique because of its origin.

It is a social network, just like the others before it.

What made it different particularly for Filipinos, is the ability of the platform to coalesce and glue together people as if they were in the same room - albeit digitally via the Wall or through Status Updates.

It does this in a meaningful manner where there is continuity and reference - unlike Second Life.

Friendster and MySpace lacked this functionality prior to facebook's inception. Needless to say, they followed suit when it was already too late.

To people who now use Facebook, - it's not even a social media platform, it's merely "a tool where all of my friends and family are".

Thus, it's uniqueness can be said to exist in its functionality more than the category that it has been placed in.

Being Different is Good

Being "unique", "different" or even "weird" enables us to express an existential need to be "me". But if one wishes to utilize this "uniqueness" for commercial purposes, you must be able to do so and demonstrate its value on a prima facie basis.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Self Publishing

The screenshot below gave me an idea:


10 pages of a children's book. With letters the size of Arial 48. :D

Will write more about it when it happens!

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology

Friday, March 04, 2011

How to Blog... and Get Paid for It

ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure IncomeQuick Answer:

Blog for Other People.

Long Answer:

Looking for other people who could pay you to blog is extremely easy. The difficult part is in getting paid and then getting the cold hard cash to your bank account.

To be sure, you will jump through several hoops and navigate through the complicated world of online banking and transactions. You must be very excited by now, but before you start your blogging endeavor *REALLY pay attention to this - I'm serious.

Thumbsup! GoodBlogs.com - I Got Paid $20.00 for One Blog Post

I woke up today and got a pleasant surprise:


It was a day saver for this freelance writer because I didn't find a job yesterday and it somehow filled in the gap for the temporary unemployment.


  • GoodBlogs.com paid me in less than 24 hours via Paypal after my very first post was voted up
  • The community there looks thriving and are really made of genuine bloggers who write with a passion.
  • It's NOT one of those get paid to blog platforms with endless articles on "how to brush your teeth", "how to comb your hair" and "how to get out of debt even if you are unemployed and broke". 
  • Real people, real thoughts, real blogs.
  • You can't turn it into a day job. 
  • There's no guarantee that you're going to be voted up. 
  • I don't see the revenue source of the platform. 
All in all, Goodblogs.com is a refreshing take in the world of getting paid to blog. Trust me, I've seen plenty.

The premise is simple, you write well, you get voted up, you get $20 bucks. Presto! 

I know it may sound a little bit off to point out that "I don't see their revenue source"  part. But it's true. That money would dry off, if they don't come up with a way to earn. I've seen it happen before in other sites and I see it happening right now in many other sites.

As a customer/contributor, it's important for me to know that the company that I am working for (albeit on a part time basis) is earning revenue so that the business cycle would be fulfilled.

Unless of course, Bill Gates and his money is funding the whole thing :)

Thursday, March 03, 2011


I am trying out another "Get Paid to Blog" platform - Goodblogs.com.

How it Works: You write a blog post. Members vote. If your blog post is good, you get paid $20.

Where I found it: Problogger job board posted 2/26

Who owns it: Cannot be determined by whois records.

What are the Requirements: Real name, username, Paypal address for Paypal payment and real address for check payment.

Terms and Conditions: http://www.goodblogs.com/upgrade-account

Status: Just joined

Premise: Get paid to blog IF you get voted in the front page. Payment in 2 business days. Digg like blog network.

Feedback: Blog post posted I will see if this thing works. http://www.goodblogs.com/view-post/Psst-Can-We-Really-Make-Money-Here

Conclusion: Good blogs shows a lot of promise. :) I will make a more detailed analysis of the site. :)

Qui audet adipiscitur

Find Your Courage: 12 Acts for Becoming Fearless at Work and in Life

Opportunities are around you, you're just too fearful in taking them.

In a society where we've been bludgeoned and made to feel like we are inferior (hello there little brown brother...)

The mantra of life seems to be like,

"You're not qualified - so don't try...."

I've seen it several times, I've felt it countless times, the only thing that has kept me going is a strong desire, a passionate goal - an end game


I was nerdy when I was in grade school and high school. I wasn't really smart - just awkward with large spectacles. 

But I wanted to play basketball. 

My vision was blurry to the point that I would not recognize you, if you were standing two feet away. The basketball ring was invisible. The only thing that I could see is the basketball board and the square in the middle. 

To cut a long story short, I had no hope of entering the PBA, much more the NBA. 

But I didn't care. 

I practiced when I was sick, I trained myself to the point that I would often go alone in the basketball court at 12:00 in the afternoon. I tried to shoot three pointers even when I cannot see the ring clearly. I burned with a resolute goal. 

I even played even when I had fever. I almost collapsed. 

At 29, I did NOT attain my dream of becoming a basketball superstar. 

But try going one on one with me, just for kicks.

If You Really Want Something, Burn Your Fears

Dune (Extended Edition)

Fear is the mind killer, so says the Bene Gesserit....

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain

Don't you just hate it when people say you can't do this, or you can't do that?

If you're not qualified, then for Bubba's sake, BECOME QUALIFIED..... It's really not a permanent thing, you know.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

$59 for a Paid Guest Blog Post

Hard Box Full Pack Cigarette Case (100's) (Assorted)

Yes, I'm smoking again. But in a bid to keep a promise, I'll still continue the paid guest posting thingie that I wrote about.

Today is March 1, so the rate should be $59 USD. 

That's quite a lot for 1 single guest post. It almost makes me want to cry. It took me several articles to earn that much.

Now, there have been interested parties, but none of them passed a key criteria:

Make me laugh. 

Show me your wit in one or two sentences, plus meet the other requirements and I'm going to let you write 1 article for 

$59 USD

One time offer
Yea, I'll try to quit tomorrow.

I'm practically a living and willing proof to show you that yes, you can make money blogging.