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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Facebook Games: Idle Worship

Facebook is turning out to be one of the foremost destinations when it comes to casual gaming - I'm sure you already know that. But do we really need or want more games on Facebook? I looked behind me and asked my 3 daughters and wife.

My 7 year old, and she said "Umm, I don't know. I don't have Facebook. What is Facebook? Maybe."

I asked my 5 year old, and she resolutely and with full conviction said, "No!"

My wife, without even looking at me, "No."

My 9 year old, said "Depends on what game it is." 

Out of the 4 respondents of varying age mind you, 3 said "No" and 1 said "Depends"

Very useful data.

What Kind of Games Can You Find on Facebook?
Annoying games that are mostly there to waste your time, magnetize your wallets and make you wait until tomorrow. Some of them look fun and even controversial. Take for instance the Facebook game called Idle Worship. In this game, you literally get to pretend that you are a God, hence the title Idle Worship. Get it? Idle worship. Hehehe.

The family pastor is also a friend so I hope he doesn't read this.

A Facebook game that lets you pretend you are a God
and build your own religion

The game intends to poke fun at religious zealots and their antagonistic fans by mixing a mish mosh of Pseudo-televangelism and pagan rituals. You can make mudlings, drag them around and eventually make them plentiful. Each mudling has a faith bar which increases as you perform various tasks which are highlighted as "Prayers"

Upon completion of these tasks, the "prayer" is answered and you can click on the "Amen" button.

Warning: The mudling also speaks in tongues.

It seems fun to play, but knowing some hard core and die hard Christians, this would definitely offend their sensibilities. Maybe that's part of the gist of the game - to offend people enough to make them want to play it.

Nevertheless, the graphics are decent and the gameplay, quite unique if not sacrilegious.

Like it, hate it. This game is slowly gaining ground with 61,000 likes and a growing plethora of users. What irks me about this particular game is that it makes you wait and invite friends just like most of the other games. But then again, maybe that's the whole point of these social games - to go forth and multiply.
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