Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Family Guy MMORPG Launched or MMLOL

Fans of the popular cartoon show "Family Guy" may now test out the ground breaking game in its Open Beta release. I believe it's the first game ever to brand itself as an MMLOL or a Massively Multiplayer Laugh Out Loud game.

The game shows promise, though I still haven't gotten in the game yet. %!@$@!$%!%!%@#

From the Site....
"Family Guy Online registered players will be the first to receive their “Key.” As new players register for the game, they will receive an email with the approximate wait time for their “Key.” Access is on a first come basis, so the players who have already registered will receive their Keys first, then, as new players register, they will be placed in the Keys queue. The program will begin today and continue for a short period after the open beta goes live with regularly scheduled releases of “Keys” to increase the number of fans in the game."
 I'm still staring at my Inbox....