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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Violent School Shootings On the Rise?

It all started with Columbine and many others, now Oikos in Oakland. What's next?

School violence has always existed, with or without guns. The difference with having lenient gun ownership laws and rights, is that access to these are readily made possible and even convenient.

Take for example, here in the Philippines, it is hard to procure guns and ammunition. The gun culture here is restricted to far flung areas in the provinces where the authorities don't have much influence. But still, even if an adult possesses a gun, control over its use is very disciplined and it is very rare that you see a school related rampage just like what you see in America nowadays

From what I understand, in America, guns are like marks of patriotism or manhood.

There Will Always Be Bullies
I'm not going to go deeper, but from what I see in the news and what I've experienced myself. Bullies will exist and will continue to exist all around the world.


Because there will always be children who are neglected by their parents.
Because there will always be children who are cared for by their parents.
There will always be those feelings of superiority or inferiority, bias, prejudice, peer pressure, the desire to belong and all those things.

Disturbing Trends and the Future
Legislation and greater community involvement would be the solution. Security personnel on campus is also another measure. Come to think of it, we've always had security on most of the private schools here in the Philippines. Even the little schools which cannot hire professional security guards take it upon themselves to hire a person from the community who will check for suspicious characters and ensure the safety of everyone.
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