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Friday, November 16, 2012

Simple Life

Sun set in the Cairngorms

My mind is wandering amidst all the turmoil hence, be wary if my logical conclusions divert from their "normal course". Grammar is something that I don't take into account when I am dealing with nature, and I have been dealing with it a lot. There's only the hateful glare of the sun, the punishing cold of the rain, the coarseness of the wind, the rebellion of the soil and sometimes the ambivalent presence of others, lurking, thinking, gossiping and maybe wondering about something that they cannot understand. Hence, my fingers do the keyboard dance whilst my mind tries to vomit the things in it.

Humanity was created or evolved, (depending on your "original" predisposition) for the sole purpose of creation.

I wanted to put "sex" in lieu of "creation" but thought better of it, as the act of sexual reproduction is just one aspect of creation. Besides, if such were true then we would all just be walking reproductive organs. Which is an interesting thought experiment in itself, since I just discovered as I wrote this that sex is impossible without all the requisite elements present. Those being attraction (sight), mental cognition and arousal (brain, thinking and feeling), of course touch - which is connected to the pleasure centers of the brain, smell, taste and everything that makes the other - special and not just a penis or a vagina.

Of course, there is also love. But alas, we live in less romantic times where flowers, chocolates and gifts are mass produced to be sold in markets with no thought about the intrinsic meaning of "loving" and the accompanying symbolisms involved in its creation.

As I think about this, I also think about the quagmires of fate that is engulfing Europe and the Middle East. I immerse myself with this constant stream of news every day coursing through the wires (now the air with WiFi) represented by 0s and 1s to the machine and then retranslated back to normal human language. As I type this letter "a" somebody dies and yet somebody is born.

It is a continuing cycle of life and death, of events, happenings, successes, failures, triumphs and tribulations - everything that makes us existentially a much evolved species when compared to other lower forms of life.

crazy highway

Then I ponder as all finite beings do, about why we need to have Document Management Software - why do we surround ourselves in these impressive though unnatural creations. Cue in workflow management, electronic data processing, paper capture, process allocation and one imagines a world stuck in a cubicle with the same routine of moving things and thoughts about.

Tell me, since when did a Purchase Order in itself, possess the divine explanation about the intricacies of our creation?

What is the arbitrary system of delineating this reality with that of another one entangled in a cornucopia of random thoughts and feelings?

We create controversy because we find the simplicity of life wanting. We create structures, governments, societal aggregations, norms, practices, culture, relationships, religions, moral standards, gossips and meaning because without these, the mindlessness of knowing that life is just about sex, eating, drinking, touching, feeling, thinking, creating is not enough. Therefore we had to add verbs that in this particular reality are abominations.

We create verbs like, processing, quantifying, adjudicating and then we pair them together with similarly atrocious nouns like quantum computing, flux capacitors, cloud storage, fusion reactors and electro magnetic pulses.

Admittedly, they are worthy of our distraction. They consume us and convince us that there is more to life than just "this".

Religion used to be enough too. With some inculcating thoughts that we were created by an omnipotent being with a purpose and that purpose is to worship and please said omnipotent being. It was a matter of statistics, happiness and subjugation through force. Eventually, the structure of religious thought began to slowly crumble. No, the Earth is not the center of the universe. No, the world is not flat. No, the pope is not infallible and salvation cannot be bought with gold.


But we carry on with this life and add these distractions. Because we have a reached a point in human evolution where going back to living a simple life has become impossible. Through our sheer volume, we have created irrefutable laws and structures that make living a simple life a laughable concept. 

Hence, Adam was cursed to work the land, sell the produce, buy insurance, buy gasoline, launch wars to acquire gasoline, bond together and form governments to craft laws for the powerful, then later on form unions to go against these repressive governments so that one particular social strata could finally live a breathable life on this planet. 

In a nutshell, there is no going back. You, yes, you reader, need to understand what a Document Management Software is for so that you could improve your organization's documentation needs and eventually optimize your company's performance so you can scale and prevent a downsizing because of adverse economic conditions. 

In a nutshell, you need to buy an XBox360 and upgrade your PC, then later on buy a tablet PC so you can make your life better. 

The banality of this line of reasoning is not lost on me so hold your tongue. Think about it, is it really still possible to have an existence where you don't have to think of anything you don't like to think about? 

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