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Monday, December 10, 2012

The White Knight, the Bishop and the Pawn


Gallantly, the white knight surveyed the battlefield with keen eyes  and a tenacity that is unbounded.  He knew that “there will be blood”

And blood there was.

Battle after battle the white knight rode to victory. Unstoppable and with a burning desire for victory and glory, he became more than what he really is, eclipsing even the grandeur of the kings.

Glory unbounded, the kings of the land even wanted to bask in the unseen light that seems to emanate from the white knight’s glory.

He was the more than a white knight, he was a champion.

Then came forth fame, fortune and power.  Then arrived those who knew that he could even become more than “just a champion.”

They wanted to turn him into a savior.

But this new battle was different.

It was more than just white vs. black.

Thus started a new battlefield in a war that is as old as history. One that has existed for a long time and one that will never end. It was a shadow war, between factions both relentless and both cunning.

Alas the white knight, was not one to discern this.

With invisible hands and with a terror that only mothers could know, they moved the queen. With the powerful image of defeat and with the imploring eyes of the mother, one faction sent a chilling message: the white knight’s faith has diminished.

He is fallen! He is fallen! He is fallen!

With that, they launched their assault against each other. One faction against the other.

And they brought everyone along with their battle cry.

Pawns were slaughtered, rooks were toppled – as they were, before anybody noticed that this war has long been there.

Yet the white knight, continued to ride.

Fighting droves upon droves of terrors.

But there is one thing that may continue to elude him – the fact that he has become a pawn in an endless war for souls…

Lest I be misinterpreted, I’d like to ruin the story that I wrote above. Yes, it is about Manny Pacquiao and yes it is about religion. The two factions include Catholicism and Protestantism.

As I write this, I tremble with fear.

With disobedience comes destruction.  So they say.

But to be clear, I am not for any side. I couldn’t give a damn about which side wins this pathetic war.

What I am for, is the truth.
What I am for, is freedom.
What I am for, is to live a life that goes beyond the tendrils of both or any factions.

Maybe that is impossible specially in a very religious country like this.

To me, religion is not faith.
To me, faith should not be coerced at the edge of a sword.
To me, faith should not be handed down.

It is a matter that is between the individual and the God which everybody seems to be having problems identifying.

The sad state of affairs is this: faith is becoming superseded by superstition.
The sad state of affairs is this: superstition is often construed as religion.
Sadly, people think that faith is religion.

Salvation could not be found in any religion.
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