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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

When They Take Everything From You

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The one good thing about being down on the ground, is that there is no other place to look but up. The one good thing about hopeless situations, is that they don't exist.

People think that they're hopeless that there is no solution that there can be no love and happiness anymore, but that's a lie.

You can always decide and act to love, hope and give hope even if you have nothing. 

It's not a deep thought, it's truth. Simple.

One that I gleaned from my own situation and of those I see around me.

The fact that we can think that it's all hopeless - is proof of hope.

Lose everything, then hope.
Lose hope, but then love someone - just love.

We can. That's the point - we can always love and we can always hope....
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